SalesLogix alternatives

Sage SalesLogix CRM software offers a complete view of customer interactions across departments—providing information and insights for better planning, managing, and forecasting.
Here are the latest news about SalesLogix:

2014 Infor acquired Saleslogix CRM

Infor, an enterprise business software company, is buying one of the CRM market pioneers, Saleslogix that offers on-premises, mobile and cloud CRM solutions. Saleslogix was developed by British company Sage and last year sold to American vendor Swiftpage together with popular contact manager Act!. Now Swiftpage is selling the CRM solution again, while Act! is not part of the deal. Swiftpage put Act! in the Amazon cloud, but didn’t really capitalize on the Saleslogix, which was always left behind the market leaders and Microsoft Dynamics. From the other hand - Infor, that provides  cloud business management suite has a missing link of cloud CRM. It has a Salesforce CRM integration tool, but not all of their customers want to use Salesforce. So, this acquisition will fill the gap.

2009 SalesLogix "skips" SaaS