Sailfish OS alternatives

Sailfish OS
Sailfish OS is a Linux-based general-purpose operating system, widely known as a mobile operating system combining the Linux kernel for a particular hardware platform use.
Sailfish OS alternatives are:
Android, Tizen, Firefox, Blackberry, iOS
Here are the latest news about Sailfish OS:

2015 Sailfish mobile OS secures series C funding

Finnish mobile OS maker Jolla, whose Sailfish platform is one of the few remaining alternative operation systems trying to fight the Android-iOS duopoly, has pulled out of its latest financing death valley by closing a delayed Series C financing round. Jolla is not disclosing the total size of the funding. Nor is it saying who the investors are. Despite pulling up from a classic startup death spiral to live to fight another day, Jolla is still in a precarious position. Staff wise it’s literally half the company it was — after being forced to make temporary cuts last month when it ran out of financing. There is some competitive overlap in the enterprise/government segments Jolla is targeting Sailfish at with Silent Circle’s Blackphone devices and services business, however Jolla is the only player in the market that can provide “a licensable, secure, private operating system”.