SAP Sales Cloud alternatives

SAP Sales Cloud
SAP Sales Cloud is designed for the way you sell today, giving you everything you need to work smarter, sell better, and win more.
SAP Sales Cloud alternatives are:
Salesforce, Oracle Sales Cloud, SugarCRM, Microsoft Dynamics 365

Here are the latest news about SAP Sales Cloud:

2014 SAP partnered with Facebook to bring personalized marketing

Few days ago IBM and Twitter partnered in order to connect social data to enterprise data analysis. Now we have another big social-IT partnership: SAP and Facebook. The enterprise software giant connected with the social media king today in a partnership that allows SAP to combine insight with customer engagement by using Facebook’s scalable Custom Audiences targeting capability. This enables marketers, officials at the companies claim, to use SAP solutions to reach customers on Facebook. The deal will enable SAP customers to achieve personalized marketing at scale by creating and reaching audiences on Facebook from data they already have about their customers.

2012 Adobe and SAP launching social media monitoring tools

2009 SAP develops Salesforce and Google Wave rivals

2006 SAP debuts hosted CRM service SAP CRM on-demand