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Responsa is much more than just a widget to create questions and answers. It’s a new way to engage users of any site by offering a service that is increasingly more in line with their expectations. For this reason, it is constantly evolving.
Responsa alternatives are:
Get Satisfaction
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2012 Responsa - live FAQ for your site

Many companies add a FAQ page to their website. As a rule, after some time they forget to update this page and it becomes irrelevant. Of course, they would like to make something interactive and self-updating instead of a static FAQ page, but maintaining support forum - seems to be very difficult task, and using a social helpdesk (like Get Satisfaction) - seems too expensive and overkill solution. For such cases when you need just a simple, interactive FAQ, and you are not going to create customer community and track tickets - the new service Responsa can be an ideal option. It allows you to insert a FAQ with "Add question" form as a widget to any page on your site. Visitors will be able to log in via Facebook / Twitter or register in Responsa. It provides instant search and email-notifications. The free version (for one moderator) allows to post up to 100 responses per month, that seems to be enough for any FAQ.