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Quickoffice gives you the power to create and edit Microsoft Office files from anywhere - anytime. Access, create, edit, and share Microsoft Word documents, Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations.
QuickOffice alternatives are:
Documents To Go, Google Docs
Here are the latest news about QuickOffice:

2014 Google to discontinue QuickOffice for Android, iOS

Google announced it will be “unpublishing” QuickOffice for both Android and iOS in the coming weeks. "With the integration of Quickoffice into the Google Docs, Sheets and Slides apps, the Quickoffice app will be unpublished from Google Play and the App Store in the coming weeks," the company said on its official apps updates blog. "Existing users with the app can continue to use it, but no features will be added and new users will not be able to install the app."  Google purchased QuickOffice in 2012 to integrate the Office-compatible software in Google Docs. Chromebooks have already seen some of the QuickOffice integration and once the software is pulled from app stores, you’ll only see QuickOffice in Google Docs, Sheets and Slides unless you already have QuickOffice on your mobile device: Existing app users can keep using it but the software won’t get future updates.

2013 Google makes QuickOffice free for everyone

The best mobile office suite QuickOffice was acquired by Google a year ago. Late last year Google released the free version of QuickOffice for paid Google Apps users. And now they decided to make QuickOffice free for everyone (who has Google-account). And on all platforms: Android, iPhone, iPad. That's a smart step. While Microsoft is trying to earn on mobile Office apps, Google may well defeat MS Office in the fight for mobile users. To make this announcement even more impressive, Google is giving extra free 10 Gb to those who install QuickOffice before September 26. To be fair, we note that Google became so generous only after having integrated QuickOffice exclusively to Google Drive. You can't use other cloud storage services with QuickOffice any more. Recall, QuickOffice allows to open and edit on your smartphone and tablet Word, Excel, PowerPoint documents and view PDF files.

2012 Google adds free QuickOffice to Google Apps, improves MS Office documents conversion

We all hope that since Google removed free version from Google Apps, the development of this office suite will become more active. For example, it will get the full-featured mobile version. As you know, in June, Google bought the best mobile office QuickOffice. And only after 6 months (!) it started to tie it somehow to Google Apps. The free version of QuickOffice for iPad (including text processor, spreadsheets and presentations) is now available to paid Google Apps users. The versions for iPhone and Android will be also available soon. QuickOffice for Google Apps unlike the regular version of QuickOffice can save your documents to Google Drive. Why QuickOffice is better than Google's own Google Docs, that already work on iOS and Android?

Google's own editors can only edit documents in Google Docs format, which are stored in Google Drive, and can't edit regular Word, Excel, PowerPoint documents, which are stored on your phone / tablet. Meanwhile QuickOffice allows to open and edit the local documents in MS Office formats.

Moreover, QuickOffice works so well with Microsoft's formats that Google decided to use its technology to convert Word, Excel, PowerPoint documents in the online version of Google Docs. In the picture there is an example of converting Excel table, old one and the new one:

2012 Google acquired the best mobile office - Quickoffice

It seams that start-ups become cheaper in spring. Every day IT giants are buying someone. During two days Google has bought two companies - Meebo and Quickoffice. The acquisition of social messenger Meebo aims to strengthen the social network Google+. And the acquisition of Quickoffice is much more interesting to us. Quickoffice is known as the best suite of mobile document editors. Quickoffice provides native applications (that can work offline) for iPhone, iPad, Android and even for Symbian and webOS that can perfectly open and edit Microsoft Office documents (Word, Excel and PowerPoint). In addition, Quickoffice can synchronize documents between different platforms, but this feature is likely to be replaced by the Google Drive. Thus, Google Docs is becoming the dominant office suite not only in the cloud, but also on mobile devices.

As for the main competitor (Microsoft), the MS Office Mobile so far works only on Windows Phone and Symbian. The version of MS Office for the iPad is under the development and is scheduled for November. Version for Android - may be will never be created. Given that the iPhone + iPad + Android dominate the mobile world, then it's evident that Microsoft is now far behind Google.

2012 QuickOffice now can sync your files. Even with desktop

The developers of the most popular mobile office suite QuickOffice have created a new product QuickOffice Connect, which allows not only edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents on your smartphone and tablet, but also sync these files between user devices (or between co-workers). However, QuickOffice is not going to compete with Dropbox, Box, SkyDrive, SugarSync and Google Drive. On the contrary, it allows you to synchronize files and folders with any of these cloud services but doesn't provide its own online storage. QuickOffice Connect works not only on mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, Android) but also on the desktop (PC, Mac). But it also is not going to compete with Microsoft Office, editing documents on the desktop is supposed be done in Microsoft's programs.

QuickOffice Connect also allows to set access rights to synced files. For example, if you sync a file with your partner, you can give him access to view, comment or edit it. The Professional version also includes version control.

Unlike the older brother QuickOffice Pro, which works purely as an editor and doesn't synchronize files, QuickOffice Connect is distributed on a subscription basis. There is a free version that allows you to sync up to 5000 files (1 Gb) and 5 folders between two devices (per year). But it doesn't allow to edit files - only view them. This option can suit those who want to view on a smartphone the documents created on computer.

The Premium version, which allows to edit documents on mobile devices and sync up to 125,000 files (25 GB) between 4 devices - costs $19.95 per year.