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Producteev is an online task management tool that serves as your full Productivity platform (Task and Project Management, Files Sharing). Producteev will help you manage your tasks from wherever you’re comfortable working : E-mail, IM, Web, iPhone, Gmail, Google Calendar…
Producteev alternatives are:
Remember The Milk, Basecamp, Backpack, Evernote
Here are the latest news about Producteev:

2013 Task management app Producteev is now completely free

You probably remember that at the end of last year Jive acquired the online collaboration service Producteev. And since then Producteev has been quiet and the users didn't have the certainty about its future. But today we have the good news. Producteev will continue working, and even better, it becomes absolutely free (until now it was free only for up to 2 users in the workspace). What is the reason of such altruism? Ilan Adebassera, the founder of Producteev, who continues to manage the service at Jive, says that "tasks are the most basic, fundamental part of getting work done and it should be free (at least for the vendors that want to find the way into the enterprise)". And it's true. Look, Jive now is competing with Salesforce. And Salesforce has a similar service, and in it task and project management - are free features.

2012 Jive acquires Producteev and How you should welcome new co-workers

If you would like to become the giant of collaboration market right now, you'll need to provide customers the tools for: social intranet, file sharing (ala Dropbox), task/project management, Email and video/web conferencing. Until now, Jive was arguably the best social intranet provider and somehow solved file sharing tasks via the close partnership with Box. However, it's time to move ahead and play catch up with Microsoft and Salesforce, that don't mind buying startups to close the gaps in their collaboration suites. Today Jive has announced about the acquisition of two very good startups - task management app Producteev and online meetings tool Producteev has become popular due to its convenience and multiple platforms support. And works as a notepad for online meetings (very simple). To welcome the new staff, the guys from Jive created this very cute movie. It's another example of useful video for business.

2012 Producteev adds document collaboration feature

Online task-manager Producteev is recently experiencing very strong competition from and Asana. They are free (or almost free), while Producteev's free version is limited to only 2 users. However Producteev is still quite popular due to its usabilty, multiple platform support and reach feature set. Yesterday Producteev added one more feature that allows to collaborate on documents online. Now, if you attach a text document to task or comment, you can open this document right there in the online viewer and collaboratively annotate it and add comments to its text. It's a very convenient tool helping to discuss documents. True, you can't edit document right there. This feature is not developed by Producteev, but added thanks to the integration with another interesting service - Crocodoc.

2012 Producteev updates interface. Launches Windows and Mac apps

One of the best online task-managers Producteev has launched the new version. From the start Producteev positioned itself as a super-cross-platform service and promised to support all possible platforms. And the reality of our time is such that the desktop applications for Windows and Mac are coming last (see the screenshot below). Before they appeared, Producteev has come in the Web-interface, on iPhone, Android, Facebook, Outlook, GMail, Google Calendar. For Windows Phone and Blackberry the mobile Web client was created. As for the new version, it's biggest change is updated web interface. It now looks like Outlook - with three columns. Besides now you can add (to-do like) subtasks and use @ and # tags in task titles (like in Twitter) to quickly assign task-owners and tags. Besides, it's now easier to view tasks by specific user. Recall, Producteev offers the free 2-user version.

2011 Work gamification - the Next Big Thing

Do you want your company to use the latest, most effective business technologies? Or you are creating a business application and want to make your product the next big hit? Then you are probably watching the new IT trends. In recent years we saw such emerging trends as SaaS (software as a service), business virtualization (where staff can work remotely), the socialization of business apps, mobile access. What's next? Perhaps it will be the Gamification.

From the title it's clear that Gamification - is turning something into a game. In our case - turning work into the game. Imagine how much $$$ this promise potentially contains?

The fact is that 90% of work - is not interesting. People work just for money. They fulfill their functions under the fear of being fired. And when they feel safe (when the boss goes out), they open Facebook or computer games. How faster and more efficiently their brains work when they play Farmville or WarCraft? How much more valeu they could bring to the company, if approach their work with the same interest as the game?

Of course, changing the person's attitude to work (as well as creating an interesting game) - is not so easy. But the developers of business application have to try. And the process is already started.

We have already reviewed some business applications that use the game mechanics: remember Rypple, Producteev, Spigit. From the last year, the Gamification summit is hold. And, according to Gartner's report by 2015, 50% of companies will use the game elements in their business.

The video above features Gabe Zichermann - one of the main evangelists of the Gamification trend.