Prezi alternatives

Prezi is a cloud-based presentation software and storytelling tool for exploring and sharing ideas upon a virtual canvas. Prezi is distinguished by its Zooming User Interface (ZUI), which enables users to zoom in and out of their presentation media. Prezi allows users to display and navigate through information within a 2.5D space on the Z-axis.
Here are the latest news about Prezi:

2014 Online presentations service Prezi secures $57M

Cloud presentation platform Prezi that has been gradually eating away at Microsoft’s Powerpoint market share for the last few years, has secured a $57 million growth investment. Prezi is cloud-based, meaning you can present from your browser, desktop, iPad, or iPhone and always have the latest version of your work at your fingertips. Prezi’s software is unusual because the presentations it produces aren’t the usual lists of bullet points. They are based on images and require their creators to tell a story, which helps an audience absorb and remember the information. The service already has 50 million users. Underlying Prezi’s success to date has been its growing reputation amongst businesses which are using it to persuade clients, woo customers and train internally. Prezi has thus won fans at companies such as Salesforce, Lufthansa, Marriott and IBM.

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