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2009 adds RSS and account statistics, enterprise microblogging app, added two new features: the ability to import external RSS feeds directly in to your stream and a bevy of new metrics and statistics on claimed accounts. Almost all of the top players in this space have had the ability to selectively import custom RSS feeds for some time. But that's because it's become an essential extension of microblogging for companies, allowing employees to easily keep track of outside information sources, such as Twitter accounts and searches, Delicious bookmarks, blog searches and basically anything you find relevant. Other nifty attributes include the ability to mute a feed temporarily and for groups to have their feeds. now has some diverse and interesting statistics, if you've claimed your account. The stats included are broken down in to those for individual users, groups, or entire accounts. You can view the data on how one of your team members uses the service, how a group (such as a department) uses it, or the trends for your entire enterprise. In addition to simple graphs and number counts, there are charts and maps related to your usage.