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Parallels Access
Fastest, simplest and most reliable remote access from your mobile device. Tap to start any desktop application, PC or Mac, as if were a native iOS or Android app. Centrally assign, manage and secure remote access to your company's computers.
Parallels Access alternatives are:
Splashtop, Logmein, TeamViewer, GoToMyPC
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2014 Parallels Access available for iPhone and Android

Parallels, the virtualization giant has unveiled the new version of its remote desktop mobile app - Parallels Access that is now available for iPhone and Android (previously it was available only for iPad). New to this version is the ability to use Facebook as a login method to a remote computer. iOS users gain a new file browser for the remote computer and you can use the iOS device microphone with a remote app. Android users can launch desktop apps with a single tap of the home screen, almost like launching a local Android app. And regardless of the mobile device, you can modify the screen resolution of the app so that you’re not staring at super-small desktop icons from miles away on your phone or tablet.