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Lesser CRM systems become a mess over time as contact information becomes fragmented. With Fusion CRM we've applied industry leading de-duping and data cleansing technology to contacts. Need to validate addresses or resolve duplicates at data entry rather than after the fact? No problem. Need to enrich your knowledge of a prospect with data from an external provider or social media site? Check. With Fusion CRM you have one clean and consolidated company, account, and contact data for a true 360-degree customer view.
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2012 Larry Ellison likes Cloud, Amazon, standards. Not likes SAP, Salesforce, WorkDay

Yesterday, Oracle launched its public cloud service Oracle Cloud and, of course, the CEO, Larry Ellison, rocked at the presentation. The biggest surprise was the fact that Larry is now likes the word Cloud. He says, "I like the word Cloud because it’s a charismatic brand." Previously, he defined the Cloud something like "bull's shit", "water vapour" or "I don't care what you call it." The second surprise was the fact that Ellison can respect a rival and even to recognize that Oracle imitates it. It's about Amazon. Larry says "As part of our platform we have a lot of common with Amazon Web Services. Archive is elastic like Amazon’s cloud is elastic." But the rest of the rivals, of course, were less lucky this day.

Ellison once again criticized Salesforce  for its multitenant-architecture that is not secure. (While the Oracle Cloud provides separate virtual machines for each customer). He criticized the SaaS ERP vendor WorkDay becuase it built its user interface on flash that is not working on iPhone/iPad. (While the Oracle Fusion apps support the common standards Java and HTML5). And as for SAP, he said, that they don't have any cloud service, except of acquired SuccessFactors and Ariba, and won't have one until at least 2020. (While Oracle Cloud already includes CRM, HRM, Social Intranet and 100 more apps for companies and developers).