Opera alternatives

The Opera browser is a fast, simple and safe way to get around on the web. Download it for free at the official Opera Software site.
Opera alternatives are:
Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari
Here are the latest news about Opera:

24.01.17 Opera unveiled browser of the future

Opera, the Norwegian browser maker acquired last year by a Chinese investment consortium, has introduced a new experimental browser called Opera Neon. Neon’s changes are largely cosmetic - under the hood it uses the same Blink rendering engine forked from WebKit and currently used by Google Chrome, Opera, and Amazon Silk - but it is visually appealing. It launches into a start page that copies your desktop wallpaper, giving you a window that looks like your desktop. Meanwhile, on the left hand side is a set of tools including a video pop-out that lets you play videos whilst you browse other pages, and a snap-to gallery that can crop any part of a web page and save it to the gallery for later. However, of all the new capabilities added to Neon perhaps the most obviously useful is side by side browsing of two pages.

2016 Opera browser with a built-in VPN is now available to all

2016 Opera adds built-in free VPN service

2015 Opera browser gets password sync, VPN-protection

2015 Opera redesigned Opera Mini for Android