OfficeTalk alternatives

OfficeTalk is the enterprise microblogging solution similar to other well-known services. The key difference is that the enterprise owns the data since the OfficeTalk server is hosted in the customer’s organization.
OfficeTalk alternatives are:
Microsoft Lync
Here are the latest news about OfficeTalk:

2010 Microsoft is developing Twitter for Enterprise - OfficeTalk

Microsoft Office Labs, that develops different innovative projects for MS office applications, announced that they are now testing the enterprise microblogging system called OfficeTalk. It's Twitter clone for in-house use, that allows to send messages (limited to 140 characters) and add comments to them. Every user - has a profile and can subscribe to other's feeds. In general, nothing new, and the emergence of such a product from any other vendor would be at least strange. Because the enterprise microblogging market is full of strong players - from Yammer to Google Buzz. Moreover, third-party vendors have already equipped MS Sharepoint with microblogging tools. However, Microsoft, having a huge base of customers and partners is still able to make money on this solution. Besides, may be they will integrate this microblogging tool to Outlook or MS Communications Server, that would be more interesting.