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Netvibes for Enterprise is the perfect daily interface for organizations to engage customers and employees alike with fully branded, yet individually personalized startpage portals. Widget-based Enterprise Portals deliver your unique content, relevant industry feeds and multiple enterprise tools—all from a single, unified dashboard—alongside the user’s favorite search, weather, email, news, blogs, social networks and widgets.
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2009 Netvibes brings Enterprise 2.0 to any business application

Most of us know Netvibes as one of the best personal-homepage service. And though it's known first of all as a free consumer service, it also provides the business version, Netvibes for Enterprise, that can be installed on the own server, customized for the own brand and use an intranet solution. The philosophy of this product is all about Enterprise 2.0 - it provides simple and suitable web interface to a large number of business applications and information sources. by the way, personal start page has become one of the most popular features in the leading Enterprise 2.0 products (Socialtext, Jira, iGoogle).

Netvibes for Enterprise supports such technologies as OpenSocial (that is a standard for widgets), SSO (single sign-on) and provides the platform that enables development of custom widgets for any application or database. Widgets fo most popular apps (like Salesforce) are already available in Netvibes ecosystem (free or not). So with Netvibes employee can get a dashboard, where he can view email, tasks, chat in messenger, read news, view accounting reports and so on. And he can get access even to traditional desktop applications with the help of internet-browser or mobile device.

Recently Netvibes even partnered with on of the leading ERP/CRM software vendors, Sage. And the next version Sage ERP X3 will contain the personal Netvibes page by default. It looks like a new Netvibes strategy to get into the enterprise market. If so, one of their next goals will be the partnership with Sharepoint.