Netsuite CRM alternatives

Netsuite CRM
NetSuite CRM+ includes all the powerful customer relationship management capabilities found in NetSuite CRM. Both products include Salesforce Automation, Marketing Automation, Customer Support & Service, flexible customization through SuiteFlex, and more. And both products include the best opportunity management and forecasting capabilities in the industry.
Netsuite CRM alternatives are:
Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM
Here are the latest news about Netsuite CRM:

2010 NetSuite fights hairballs. But makes one with Google Apps

NetSuite marketing team is well known for its sense of humor. But before their humor was mainly inspired by SAP and its "stealth" launch of SaaS solution SAP Business ByDesign (that let NetSuite make its business). By the way, it's interesting that actually NetSuite drives away Oracle's customers as well as SAP's, but with respect to Oracle, the NetSuite marketers behave much more modest, because the Oracle CEO, Larry Ellison in co-owner of NetSuite. But let's go back to hairballs. What is it? According to NetSuite, the hairball - is a thing that happens when a company deploys disparate IT systems and then tries to integrate them. The conclusion is simple - use NetSuite, where everything is natively integrated. In addition to funny video NetSuite unveiled the updated system interface and seamless integration with Google Apps:

NetSuite GMail
Integration with Google Apps includes:
- Single sign-in
- attach emails from GMail and files from Google Docs to records in NetSuite (contacts, projects ...)
- view contact information from NetSuite directly in a GMail message (by GMail gadget)
- sync NetSuite calendar with Google Calendar
- display information from NetSuite in Google Desktop

2004 NetSuite updates customer management tools

 NetSuite, a provider of hosted customer relationship management software, plans to debut an updated version of its services that aims to give users more powerful tools to sort data. NetSuite 10.0 offers analysis tools to help businesses predict information about their customers based on data they have already entered. The San Mateo, Calif., "software as a service" company believes that many standalone CRM systems have failed to deliver real insight into customer behavior. Rival business software packages revolve around data related to internal sales processes, the company said. NetSuite is able to integrate data taken from multiple applications partly because its tools exist in a single architecture. That allows CRM, enterprise resource planning (ERP) and e-commerce processes to be managed in a single database, Nelson said. In addition to selling all the applications in one package, NetSuite's CRM and ERP products are sold individually.