Mirantis alternatives

Mirantis is the number one pure-play OpenStack Company. We deliver technology, integration, training and support to succeed. OpenStack without the compromises of vendor lock-in. 400+ open source infrastructure experts makes us one of top 5 contributors.
Mirantis alternatives are:
Rackspace, OpenStack
Here are the latest news about Mirantis:

2014 Mirantis gets $100M funding to become enterprise OpenStack leader

Commercial OpenStack distribution provider Mirantis announced $100M in Series B funding. OpenStack is an open source platform for deploying infrastructure as a service. And Mirantis wants to be to OpenStack what Red Hat has been to Enterprise Linux. In other words, they want to be the corporate face of the project. And chances are, it’ll need every bit of that money, because it has some pretty stiff competition with the likes of HP, IBM, Cisco and yes, Red Hat, going for a piece of that enterprise OpenStack business. Just a couple of weeks ago, Red Hat announced it would be transitioning from client-server to cloud computing with an emphasis on OpenStack.

2014 Mirantis offers OpenStack-based private cloud as a service