MindMup alternatives

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MindMup alternatives are:
MindMeister, Coggle, XMind, Freemind

Here are the latest news about MindMup:

08.09.17 MindMup now allows to create concept maps

MindMup is becaming quite a powerful tool for creating concept maps.  It now supports several ways of visualising relationships attributes, such as depicting the strength of connections with line styles (dashed or solid), directions with arrows, explaining relationships through captions on lines, showing similarity of concepts and relationships by using colours and visualising relative importance of concepts with different letter sizes. Of course, in line with our original idea of making it easy and productive for people to visualise ideas, MindMup comes with powerful keyboard shortcuts, and several other tricks that will speed up your work. Thus MindMup allows better create concept maps if compared vs alternatives

2017 MindMup integrates with Google Team Drive