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Mavenlink is advanced online project management software. Collaborate, track teams, tasks, time, and financials all in one place.

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2010 Top 10 Most Popular Apps in the Google Apps Marketplace

Google Apps Marketplace - online marketplace for Google Apps add-ons - was opened on March. During 10 first months it has collected 250 applications used by about 4 million users. Recall that to add your own application to Google Apps Marketplace, you need to link Google-authorization, pay $100 and pass through moderation. According to Google, the most popular Google Apps  add-ons are project management system, CRM systems and accounting services (these are the very tools that are not available in Google Apps by default). Here are the top 10 most popular applications in the SaaS marketplace in 2010:
Manymoon - project managementInsightly - CRM with project management
Zoho CRM - CRMAviary Design Suite - online Photoshop alternativeMavenlink - project managementOutright - small business accountingMailChimp - email campaigns
RapidTask - task list sharing
Insync - file sync and collaboration - simple ERP for small business
By the way, recently Google has finally added the inbuilt billing to Google Apps Marketplace. I.e. developers now can sell their applications via the marketplace billing system (Google Checkout). Google Apps Marketplace commission is 20%. It's quite low, for example, compared to Apple App Store (30%). But Google Apps Marketplace billing has some limitations. In particular, it supports only pricing based on the number of users.