Kubernetes alternatives

Manage a cluster of Linux containers as a single system to accelerate Dev and simplify Ops with Kubernetes by Google.
Kubernetes alternatives are:
Docker, CoreOS, OpenStack
Here are the latest news about Kubernetes:

30.11.17 Kubernetes comes to Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services added long-awaited support for the Kubernetes container orchestration system on top of its Elastic Container Service (ECS). Kubernetes has become something of a de facto standard for container orchestration. It already had the backing of Google (which incubated it), as well as Microsoft and virtually every other major cloud player. So AWS is relatively late to the party here but it does already have over 100,000 active container clusters on its service and that these users spin up millions of containers already. AWS’s users are clearly interested in running containers and indeed, many of them already ran Kubernetes on top of AWS, but without the direct support of AWS. But with this new service, AWS will manage the container orchestration system for its users. ECS for Kubernetes will support the latest versions of Kubernetes and AWS will handle upgrades and all of the management of the service and its clusters.

2017 Microsoft Azure shifts its focus to Kubernetes

2017 Pivotal, VMware and Google forge container partnership

2016 Google launches a more scalable and robust Kubernetes

2015 Google Container Engine now supports the latest version of Kubernetes