Kubernetes alternatives

Manage a cluster of Linux containers as a single system to accelerate Dev and simplify Ops with Kubernetes by Google.
Kubernetes alternatives are:
Docker, CoreOS, OpenStack
Here are the latest news about Kubernetes:

26.10.17 Microsoft Azure shifts its focus to Kubernetes

As far as container orchestration goes, Kubernetes is quickly becoming the de facto standard, even as Docker Swarm and Mesos/Mesosphere DC/OS continue to find their own niches. For the longest time, Microsoft argued that one of the advantages of its managed Azure Container Service (ACS) was its support for multiple orchestration tools, but that’s shifting a bit today and Microsoft is changing the acronym for the Azure Container Service to AKS where K stands for Kubernetes. AKS itself is free, but you still pay for the VMs that actually run your containers, of course. That’s unlike the Google Container Engine, which charges users a flat fee per hour and cluster on its service. It’s a small fee, but it’s not free.

2017 Pivotal, VMware and Google forge container partnership

2016 Google launches a more scalable and robust Kubernetes

2015 Google Container Engine now supports the latest version of Kubernetes