Kinvey alternatives

We help enterprises, agencies, and developers launch successful and engaging apps on our platform. Deliver beautiful, secure online and offline experiences on any phone, tablet or browser. Connect your apps to any internal or external data source.
Kinvey alternatives are:
Firebase, Parse, Appcelerator, Heroku
Here are the latest news about Kinvey:

2014 Enterprise mobile app platform Kinvey gets $10M funding

Mobile development platform for business Kinvey now has $10.8 million in fresh Series B funding. Boston-based Kinvey will use its new dough to finance product development, boost enterprise sales and build more channel and integrator partnerships. The selling point of mobile-focused platforms like Kinvey, AnyPresence or Parse is to give mobile-first developers higher-level capabilities tailored for their needs than comes with a more generic Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS). With Kinvey as opposed to say, your-favorite-PaaS-company, developers don’t have to sort through all the minutia of the relevant APIs to build an application — a lot of that higher-level work is already done for them as part of the service. Of course most PaaSes are adding more mobile-specific services blurring that line. And cloud giants Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services have added their own perks specifically for mobile developers.