Jive Chime alternatives

Jive Chime
Jive Chime is a messaging app that lets you quickly and securely connect with teammates on the go, to get the answers you need, when you need them.
Jive Chime alternatives are:
HipChat, Slack
Here are the latest news about Jive Chime:

2015 Jive launches Slack competitor - Chime

Jive Software launched Chime - a real-time messaging app that could well be a buzz across Slack’s bow — and an attempt to modernize an aging platform. The idea behind Chime is to focus on one communication task, rather than the whole kit and kaboodle as the previous Jive mobile app has done. The Jive platform has had communication capabilities for many years, in the form of microblogging and activity streams, and these have been accessible on mobile devices through the Jive mobile app that runs on Android and iOS. Now it competes with companies like Yammer, Socialcast, Salesforce Chatter, Asana and other tools designed to facilitate new ways of communicating inside the enterprise.