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JBoss Portal
JBoss Enterprise Portal Platform meets the demands of internal and external end users who require access to, and interaction between, back-end applications, SOA services, and Web 2.0 applications. Based on an open, reliable framework, JBoss Enterprise Portal Platform meets the development and operational demands of the smallest tactical mashup style application, as well as the largest mission-critical web sites.
JBoss Portal alternatives are:
SharePoint, WebSphere Portal, Liferay Portal
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2006 Why IBM passed on JBoss acquisition

IBM considered acquiring open-source Java middleware company JBoss, but chose to go a different route for the both financial and technical reasons. Now Oracle and JBoss are rumored to be in negotiations over a JBoss acquisition. The price tag for such a deal is reported to be between $200 and $400 million. Like Oracle, IBM has a closed-source line of Java middleware called WebSphere. In May last year, IBM purchased Gluecode, a small company with less than 15 employees which was building a support business around the Apache Geronimo project, an open-source Java application server.  The roots of Gluecode are at JBoss. A small group of developers left their employment at JBoss in 2003 to start the Apache Geronimo project. Apache Geronimo was certified to meet the Java 2 Enterprise Edition standard in October last year. IBM has rebranded Gluecode as WebSphere Community Edition. It sells support services around the software primarily to smaller businesses.

2004 JBoss airs expansion plans