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IBM Cloud offers open cloud infrastructure services for IT operations. The IBM Cloud gives you the flexibility to have public, private or hybrid clouds, depending on your business needs. With the IBM Cloud you can unlock more value in your business and in the technology you already have. It’s the cloud that can integrate enterprise-grade services and help speed up the way you innovate.
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2011 Wimbledon - Instant Enterprise in IBM's Cloud

Wimbledon Cloud
Wimbledon tennis tournament (which is taking place right now) - is a beautiful example of Cloud technology usage. For 50 weeks of the year, Wimbledon acts as a private tennis club with less than 500 members. Come June, IBM helps it to scale up its infrastructure to meet the demands of a global audience for a critical two-week period and then scale back down to support normal operations once it's all over. Site attendance increases to 500 thousand per day, the ticket system launches, the huge number of orders in the online store, sponsor relations intensify. But this is minor compared to the match visualization - today every match is scanned into a virtual 3D-model to collect statistics and control the rules. Of course, this requires a super-powerful computing infrastructure. What would be the club's expenses, if it would buy and maintain it itself? Obviously, it wouldn't be profitable to hold the tournament at all. But thanks to the IBM's cloud Wimbledon tournament brings a good income to the owners.