HP Cloud alternatives

HP Cloud
Focus on your business, and quit agonizing over your hardware. With HP Cloud Compute, scaling and managing your computing resources is off your agenda, so you can spend more time doing things that matter for your business—like developing and testing new apps, and making your customers smile. Handle changing workloads easily and add new instances to quickly scale. That’s the power of HP Cloud Compute.
HP Cloud alternatives are:
Amazon Web Services, OpenStack, Oracle Cloud
Here are the latest news about HP Cloud:

2014 HP buys Eucalyptus to link Openstack and Amazon Web Services

HP, which is basing its cloud strategy on OpenStack, has decided to buy Eucalyptus, a backer of a rival open-source cloud technology. And Eucalyptus CEO Marten Mickos (once known for his anti-OpenStack rhetoric) will lead the company’s cloud effort as SVP and general manager of HP’s cloud Business. Company executives didn’t provide much detail about integration plans, but stressed that Eucalyptus brings valuable experience in deploying private clouds that interoperate with Amazon Web Services to HP and that those AWS “use patterns” will come in handy as HP continues to push its OpenStack-based private, public and hybrid cloud vision into enterprise accounts. On the enterprise cloud market HP competes with Red Hat and IBM on the OpenStack side of the spectrum and VMware and Microsoft on the proprietary cloud side.

2012 HP Offers That Cloud Thing Everyone Is Talking About

2012 OpenStack launches. CloudStack departs. Amazon adapts SAP. Azure rebrands

2011 HP vs Dell: Race to the Clouds

2011 HP and Dell support OpenStack

2010 Microsoft and HP to sell Clouds together