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Google Plus
Google+ (Google Plus) is a social networking and identity service. It's as a "social layer" that enhances many of Google online properties, and that it is not simply a social networking website, but also an authorship tool that associates web-content directly with its owner/author. Google+ users are interacting socially with Google+'s enhanced properties, like Gmail, +1 button, and YouTube comments.
Google Plus alternatives are:
Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn
Here are the latest news about Google Plus:

2014 Google created unified marketing dashboard for small business

Google has unveiled a new marketing service for small business - Google My Business. It's a combination of former Google Local, Google Maps for business and social network Google+. In short, it's now a single place where you need to register your small business, so that it appeared everywhere - in Google's search, on Google Maps and in Google+ network. If your company had accounts / pages in these services, they are now automatically transferred to Google My Business. Of course, managing information in one place - is better than in three places. Besides, Google also created mobile (Android) that allows edit company info, view reviews and respond to them. However, the main problem with this service is that the social network Google+ is still not very popular place among your customers.

2011 Google+ opens for Google Apps users

Google Plus Google Apps
One advantage of Google's main advantages over Facebook is that the search giant can perfectly integrate businesses and individual users (clients) in the single network (Google +). And if it succeed, Google+ will become the successful platform for advertising, unlike Facebook, which hasn't achieved the significant progress in the advertising incomes yet. The first big step in this direction has been done by Google today: from now Google Apps Now users can log in to Google+ under their corporate accounts and use Google+ for business needs. First, Google+ can serve as a social layer via creation of business/project groups (circles) with employee profiles. Second, it can be used as an intranet microblogging system for discussions and file sharing (like Chatter, Yammer ...). Third, it allows to search and support customers via Google+. But of course, the killer Google+ for business is its video chat app Google Hangouts.

Because after the recent update Google Hangouts allows to video chat (with up to 9 people) collaborate on Google Docs documents in real time, share screen, collaboratively draw on the whiteboard and organize webinars. And it's all for free.

2011 Companies have to get used to Google+

During the last 2 weeks Google has almost made another revolution on the Web. No one expected that in the near future someone will be able to break the social monopoly of Facebook, but it looks like Google will succeed at this time. And because today in order to be successful, any business should be a part of the Social Web, then, want-or-not you have to sort out how to use Google+. Fortunately, there is still enough time, because the network is now working in a half-closed mode (registration is by invitation only). Additionally, the key business features will appear only in the second half of the year. But meanwhile you can get used to them:

Social layer for collaboration

Google Plus Circles
The first users at once pointed out that Google+ is much better suited for creating workgroups than Facebook thanks to the Circles feature. It allows you to easily share your communication between several groups. You can quickly create a list of colleagues and to send private messages to them only. You can also read only this circle stream. Also, it's already announced that by to the end of the year Google + for Google Apps and GMail integration will appear.

Social CRM

Google Plus Circles 2
The Circles can be even more suitable when created for partners and customers. This will let to keep your friends out of your marketing pitches.


Google Plus Hangouts
We have already mentioned about the group video chat Hangouts. It is useful both for video conferencing within a company and for video meetings with clients / partners.

Corporate Profiles

Google Plus Profile
Of course, many companies at once headed to Google+ to create corporate profiles. For example, Ford. However, Google made an official announcement, urging companies not to create corporate pages for a while. Because for now the profiles are adapted only for people, and the version for companies and brands will come later.