GoToMyPC alternatives

GoToMyPC is an alternative remote-access service that lets you access and control your computer from any web browser.
GoToMyPC alternatives are:
Logmein, GoToAssist, GoToMeeting, Webex, Splashtop

Here are the latest news about GoToMyPC:

2004 Citrix tests Web conferencing service GoToMyPC

Citrix Online hopes to build on its popular GoToMyPC service for remote computer access with a new Web conferencing program. The company plans to begin offering a free preview version of GoToMeeting on Monday. The service enables customers to present PowerPoint slides, run applications and handle basic collaboration tasks over the Web. The service will compete in an increasingly crowded market dominated by Web conferencing specialist WebEx. The niche has drawn attention from major software makers such as Microsoft and Macromedia. Citrix Online will distinguish its service partly through simplicity, said Klaus Schauser, chief technical officer for the Santa Barbara, Calif., company. Instead of loading the service up with complex interactivity and polling features, GoToMeeting will focus on what actually happens in meetings: talking and looking at PowerPoint slides.