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Get Satisfaction
Get Satisfaction powers the world’s best brands to solve problems, give a voice to champions, bring out the best ideas and drive better business.
Get Satisfaction alternatives are:
Zendesk, UserVoice, Lithium,
Here are the latest news about Get Satisfaction:

2015 Sprinklr acquired social customer support service Get Satisfaction

Sprinklr, the social media management provider, is buying Get Satisfaction, makers of a platform that lets businesses connect with customers online and get feedback on their sites. Get Satisfaction will be integrated into Sprinklr’s bigger cloud-based social media management business — dubbed “Experience Cloud” — which helps businesses track individuals wherever they are leaving feedback about a business, be it on social media sites or directly on their own websites, covering about 25 different potential feedback channels in all. But it is also a bolt-on acquisition of sorts: today Get Satisfaction already works with 1,000 businesses, Sprinklr says, with customers including P&G, Rabobank, SugarCRM and Service Rocket.

2010 Idea management 2.0: from Google Moderator to Spigit

We all understand the growing role of talent in the modern enterprise. To help companies better use their talents, IT vendors have created the new class of Talent management systems. In addition to it another class of Idea management systems is emerging now. Idea - is the main talent's product. Idea can be worth millions, and raise the business to a new level. At the same time each day business executives don't notice (or forget) plenty of ideas coming from clients or their own staff. This is especially actual for large companies - even if you have a brilliant idea - the chance to be noticed is minimal. Idea (or innovation) management systems tend to solve this problem and convert ideas into money (as for those who creates them, and for those who use them).

Google Moderator

Google Moderator
Google Moderator - this is one of the least-known services in Google Apps, which is specifically designed to collect ideas and questions. In particular, this service was used to collect questions to Barack Obama during his Youtube conference. You create a topic, invite participants, then you can publish it on your site (or in Google Wave). Visitors can add ideas or vote for the already added ideas. Most popular ideas float up. For every idea comments can be added. The topic owner, of course, can moderate it. The disadvantage is that the visitor (to participate) must have Google-account. But with the help of Google Moderator API this problem can be solved.

Other solutions

Get Satisfaction
Public idea aggregators (SuggestionBox, FeVote, Featurelist) besides collecting and rating ideas, give an opportunity to promote your company. If your customers generate a lot of ideas - you get to the home page and get more traffic.

Often the idea collection is included in customer support services (along with the collection of bugs, questions and reviews). The most famous representatives of this segment are Get Satisfaction, Salesforce Ideas, UserVoice.

Finally, there is a number of solutions that support the entire idea life cycle management - from capturing to implementation. On top of this segment are Kindling, Brightidea and Spigit.


When ideas usually appear? In the evening at home or on the way to work. Spigit provides the mobile client so you can capture the idea until it's forgotten. In order not to login to Spigit every time, it's integrated with Sharepoint. To describe the idea you can use pictures, video, files.

Voting for the ideas in Spigit is based on the reputation system. If you have a high reputation - your vote will not cost 1, but, for example, 50 points. In addition to reputation, for ideas you can get investments (in internal currency) from management and colleagues. For this currency you can buy iPod, a day off with pay, or a ticket to Canaries - these "goods" are sold in the Spigit reward store. You can invest in other people's ideas and receive dividends if these ideas are qualified.

Once the best ideas are identified Spigit helps to organize collaboration to implement them. Every idea has its dashboard, wiki, blog, files, team list. And the author (employee or client) can monitor idea's status and assist in its implementation.

2010 Beautiful PR pitch: I Choose the Cloud

The leading SaaS and Enterprise 2.0 vendors decided to make their business a little more "WOW". In the new show-channell called "I Choose the Cloud" the founders and executives of cloud companies appeal to join the cloud revolution. Because cloud applications mean not only simplicity, usability, speed and cost efficiency. They also mean the new exciting ways of running business. Because these applications are create not by serious gloomy IT-people in ties, but by such cool guys, who enjoy what they do. Guest stars: Aaron Levie (, Chuck Dietrich (SlideRocket), David Weekly (PBworks), Eugene Lee (Socialtext), Wendy Lea (Get Satisfaction), Clint Oram (SugarCRM), Tien Tzuo (Zuora), Matt Brezina (Xobni)

2010 Get Satisfaction moves support forums to Facebook

Get Satisfaction Facebook
Day by day the consumer marketplace (the place where consumers live, search for goods, shop and interact with suppliers) is moving to Facebook. Almost every FMCG manufacturer has its own fan page on Facebook, where the company representatives communicate with customers and customers communicate with each other. Why not create a support forum there? Get Satisfaction has implemented this idea in Facebook Social Engagement Hub. Now the support request can be that easy as a message to your friend in Facebook. Get Satisfaction - is the most interesting service that enables to create support forums. It allows to use crowdsourcing effectively and reduce the load on your support department. This tool is used by Microsoft, Procter & Gamble, Nike and another 10000 (paying) companies.

Get Satisfaction app for Facebook allows to create the Support tab on the company fan-page. In this tab users can ask questions, suggest ideas, report problems and add reviews. If customer asks question, he's immediately given a list of the relevant FAQ articles and similar questions from other users. All client messages also appear on the main Get Satisfaction site and in the moderator panel, where you can control the unanswered questions. The service costs $99 per month. Interestingly, Get Satisfaction has only 20 employees.