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Fleep is chat for teams and businesses. Your files and messages. Always in sync. On all devices. Team communication is now a simple, common-sense thing. Fishing for someone’s wise words in an ocean of chat? Instead, pin important messages to the side so everyone can see and edit them. Task lists, meeting notes, important links, etc. As with messages, trawling for files in a long conversation wastes your life. In Fleep, all photos and documents have a nice clean drawer on the side tab, next to the conversation flow.
Fleep alternatives are:
HipChat, Basecamp
Here are the latest news about Fleep:

2015 Group chat app Fleep integrated with email

Mobile team messaging app Fleep takes another step further in its mission to help wean you off email. It has introduced what it calls ‘Fleep ID’, a username that you can hand out to contacts with whom you’d like to converse via Fleep. However, because a Fleep ID is email compatible (something like user@fleep.io) — it can be used over time to wean yourself off email. Any messages sent to your Fleep ID, even if they are from somebody who isn’t a user of the messaging app, show up in Fleep, threaded and sorted by participants and with all of Fleep’s other features in tact. These include the ability to add additional participants to a conversation (including non-Fleep users via email), pin a message to your to-do list, see if a message has been read, and access your ‘file draw’, a single place that surfaces file attachments relating to a conversation.

2014 Group chat Fleep adds paid version