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Drupal Commons
Drupal Commons is the better way to social business. The only [open alternative] social business software, Drupal Commons is the social layer in the enterprise that drives customer loyalty, employee efficiency, and bridges the social web — all at a lower total cost than proprietary solutions.
Drupal Commons alternatives are:
Jive, Drupal
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2010 Drupal Commons - social intranet becomes FREE

Jive Software and other Enterprise 2.0 software vendors should start to worry. Acquia - the company that rules the Drupal project - has released the free open-source solution for creating social intranet and extranet portals Drupal Commons. Of course, before now many companies also were using Drupal CMS to power internal and external portals. If you look at any Enterprise 2.0 systems rating, you will find Drupal among leaders fo the industry. But Drupal customization - is not so easy. And Drupal Commons - is an out-of-box solution for enterprise social networks. It provides profiles, dashboards and groups. Each group has a blog, forum, chat, wiki, document storage with version control, polls, calendar, RSS (from external sites).

Each group administrator controls the entry rules and the access rights for the group participants. The community-manager is provided with the analytical panel where he can see how active are the users involved in the community, what content is most popular, etc. Besides, very important for enterprise users - is that the solution provides modules for integration with LDAP-directory and CRM system. And if a company wants to customize something, then it just needs to find someone who is familiar with Drupal, because Drupal Commons uses the standard Drupal API and supports common modules created for Drupal CMS.

Acquia also provides hosting services for Drupal Commons, as well as customization and professional support (of course for a fee).