DropBox alternatives

Dropbox is a Web-based file hosting service that uses cloud computing to enable users to store and share files and folders with others across the Internet using file synchronization. There are both free and paid services, each with varying options. In comparison to similar services, Dropbox offers a relatively large number of user clients across a variety of desktop and mobile operating systems. DropBox alternatives for enterprise are: Box, Microsoft SharePoint, Office 365.
DropBox alternatives are:
Box, SugarSync, OneDrive, Evernote, Google Docs, iCloud

Here are the latest news about DropBox:

31.08.17 Dropbox Paper gets document previews

Dropbox updated its collaboration tool Paper. Now users are able to create folders on their mobile devices and move Paper documents into them; they can now delete or archive their Paper documents on their phones; finally, users can now preview Paper documents before opening them. Dropbox is also giving developers a way to create or edit Paper documents in their own apps, which is a move that will potentially move the product outside of the bounds of the traditional Dropbox experience. Paper is increasingly popular with designers. It basically turns the process of designing and building a product spec into a living, breathing flow of information online. So we may assume that Dropbox gets more collaborative than alternatives

2017 Dropbox updated admin panel for Business users

Dropbox is adding more features to its admin dashboard, which is part of its larger AdminX initiative. With the new AdminX, Dropbox hopes to provide a better user experience to the admins who provision accounts and set controls over who can access what. The first thing the company did was to redesign the admin console to make it simpler to use. To improve security, Dropbox is also enabling admins to manage the amount of time employees can stay logged in and access files with new web session control features. It’s also allowing admins to specify certain teams with subdomain verification. By linking certain accounts or users to a subdomain, admins can better control who can access an enterprise’s Dropbox account.

2017 Dropbox launched collaboration app Paper globally in 21 languages

Dropbox is rolling out its note-collaboration app Paper globally localized into 21 languages. It also gets some new tools that allow users to automatically generate presentations and run them through Paper in their browsers.  Paper came out in a closed beta in the second quarter last year, and then opened as a public beta in the third quarter. As it’s inched closer to launch, both Google and Salesforce in some ways have thrown their weight behind collaborative tools in a similar vein to Paper. Salesforce bought Quip for $750 million late last year. While Paper was already competing with Quip in some ways, Salesforce’s major acquisition of the company signaled that it was quickly looking to broaden its enterprise toolkit. That means that Dropbox will likely come more into direct competition in this space with Salesforce, which may be able to throw more resources at the problem than Dropbox can. For Dropbox, the hope is that its strategy of religiously tracking user behavior will be part of the edge that keeps them ahead of those larger companies.

2016 Dropbox adds PDF signing, iMessage integrations

Dropbox is updating its iOS app with few new features that should help it continue to have a toehold within larger companies. The first update is PDF signing, which allows users to open PDF files right from their mobile devices and insert signatures and text into them. Another update Dropbox is getting today is an integration with iMessage - rich file-sharing within iMessage that includes previews and the like for its users. Besides, the new lock-screen widget will give users the ability to do the most common actions you might find in a Dropbox app from the lock screen. Tapping on one of the functions will go straight to an operation within Dropbox.

2016 Dropbox adds a new dashboard for IT admins

Cloud storage service Dropbox unveiled AdminX, a new dashboard aimed at IT admins to better tailor and control their companies’ files and users on Dropbox Business accounts. Dropbox says that AdminX has been an internal initiative for a year already: and the premise is simple. While there have been admin tools on Dropbox Business ever since the product was launched, these have not seen much use. So taking a page from its own consumerization book, Dropbox has reimagined them with more intuition and simpler interfaces. At the same time, the company is preparing to launch yet more services that take it beyond basic storage: soon it plans to launch mobile device management as part of the AdminX console so that admins can use Dropbox to control not just Dropbox-based files but actual devices.

2016 Dropbox launched a new way to scan documents with your phone

2016 Dropbox will allow users to access cloud-only folders from Windows and Mac

2015 Dropbox is shutting down its email app Mailbox

2015 Dropbox allows to edit PDF files on the go

2015 Dropbox to offer collaboration features to free users

2015 Dropbox acquired enterprise communication service Clementine

2015 Dropbox for Windows Phone is now available

2015 Dropbox buys mobile office app CloudOn

2014 Dropbox integrates with Microsoft Office

2014 Dropbox gives paid subscribers 1TB of cloud storage

2014 Mailbox gets a native Mac client

2014 Mailbox - email app from Dropbox

2014 Dropbox fulfilled all CIOs' wishes

2013 Dropbox will get down to Business. Seriously.

2013 Dropbox launches Business-version

2013 Dropbox becomes Email-provider

2013 Dropbox becomes more business-friendly

2012 Box and Dropbox implemented two-step login verification

2012 Dropbox for Enterprise will replace SharePoint?

2011 DropBox takes on Box.net with business version

2009 Online file collaboration: DropBox Vs Box.Net