Dapulse alternatives

The best tool is the one that your team actually uses, and dapulse comes with built in addiction. Get addicted to turning things green.
Dapulse alternatives are:
Trello, Asana, Basecamp, Jira, Slack, Podio, Wrike, Smartsheet
Here are the latest news about Dapulse:

2016 SaaS project management service Dapulse gets $7.6M

Having morphed into a full fledged project management SaaS, Dapulse is announcing the closing of $7.6 million in Series A funding. Dapulse co-founder and CEO Roy Man says “All project management tools that exist today are similar in essence. They look and behave differently, but eventually — you define projects, assign tasks and try to fit them all into a gantt chart. We’ve tried to create something radically different. We created a tool that communicates with people. It’s very visual, intuitive and one that people actually enjoy using”. Man says Dapulse has found a home with companies who have otherwise never taken to project management software because of the perception that most solutions are hard to use or require you to change the way you work.