Cotap alternatives

Cotap is secure mobile messaging for business. Without swapping phone numbers, easily find and message coworkers, and share files and photos. Everything you love about mobile messaging, with built-in features and tools to help you work faster and more easily with your team.
Cotap alternatives are:
Slack, HipChat
Here are the latest news about Cotap:

2014 Enterprise messaging app Cotap adds web chat accessible via URL

Cotap, that bills itself as a "WhatsApp for the workplace", has launched a new feature to expand the circle of people who use the app: it now lets others send messages to those users via a URL on, without having to download the app itself. It comes on the heels of a desktop app launch for the product in October that used some of the same functionality for Cotap-using work colleagues to communicate with each other when they were not on their mobile devices but at computers. Today’s launch effectively lets anyone use the chat functionality of the app, by way of the custom URLs that individuals give out. Adding a web component to the app means that those who are Cotap users for work can now share their Cotap IDs with other people — as they would, say, a Skype or email address or mobile number in their email signatures or business cards — as a contact ID for anyone.

2014 Workplace messaging app Cotap now lets you text documents from Box, Dropbox and others