Cortana alternatives

Cortana is your personal assistant on your Windows Phone. She's there to help make things easier for you and keep you up to date on the things that matter to you. Whether it’s to keep you looped in with your world or help you manage your everyday life, Cortana is there for you.
Cortana alternatives are:
Siri, Google Now, S Voice
Here are the latest news about Cortana:

11.10.17 Cortana arrived in Skype

Microsoft’s virtual assistant Cortana has finally arrived in Skype, offering users in-context assistance during their chats, as well as the option to message Cortana directly to ask questions or get help with a number of other tasks. The idea to bring an A.I.-like helper to mobile messaging isn’t unique to Microsoft. Google’s Allo app is aided by Google Assistant, while Facebook Messenger has its own assistant, “M,” for example. Cortana can offer other input, like restaurant options, movie reviews, a good place to meet, a fact it knows the answer to, and more. Plus, the assistant can help with scheduling events and setting up reminders, which are then synced to your other devices where Cortana is enabled, like your Windows 10 PC.

2016 Microsoft redesigned Cortana for iPhone and Android

2015 Microsoft integrates Cortana into Power BI service

2015 Microsoft released Cortana for Android

2015 Parallels Desktop 11 brings Cortana to Mac

2015 Microsoft announced voice-enabled Big Data platform Cortana Analytics Suite

2015 Microsoft will bring Cortana to Android and iOS