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The private enterprise social network for real-time collaboration. Stay connected to your team and projects via this next-generation social business tool. With Convo Chat on mobile, start your morning catch up while you're on the train, or walking to work and continue the conversation on your desktop at work.
Convo alternatives are:
Yammer, Slack, Asana, Trello
Here are the latest news about Convo:

2015 Enterprise social network Convo released new mobile apps

A week after launching new web and Mac desktop applications, collaboration service Convo is releasing new versions of its mobile apps as well. The apps have been redesigned to reflect the same new look as the desktop apps. Other additions include an instant search capability, with results appearing as you type, improved sharing and a new in-app notification center. CEO Faizan Buzdar has said that the relaunches reflect an attempt to rebuild Convo “from the ground up,” and that the company would be bringing these changes to all its platforms.

2015 Collaboration service Convo unveiled new Web and Mac apps

2014 Enterprise social network Convo adds chat to iPhone and Android

2014 Convo adds GIF and in-stream Doc support