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CloudBees is the Enterprise Jenkins provider and continuous delivery leader. Deliver better software faster and incrementally, with Jenkins CI - the #1 Continuous Integration solution, globally.
Here are the latest news about Cloudbees:

2015 Continuous integration provider Cloudbees raises $23.5 million

Cloudbees, the PaaS company that recently transitioned into a continuous integration company, now has $23.5 million in Series D money to fund expanded sales and marketing in more geographies. Cloudbees' Jenkins-based solution is used mostly in the medium and large part of the Small-Medium-Large company spectrum and now needs to focus on startups and small companies as well Jenkins is the open-source continuous integration (CI) tool that is the centerpiece of Cloudbees’ PaaS-to-CI pivot. The rationale for that move was the feeling that more companies were ready to use Jenkins and associated services across public and private clouds, as well as in their own server rooms, than were ready to throw in with a public Platform as a Service.

2014 Cloudbees dumps its PaaS business to focuse exclusively on Enterprise Jenkins