CliQr alternatives

CliQr's Hybrid Cloud Management Platform allows you to model, migrate and manage your applications on any private or public cloud. Acquired by Cisco
CliQr alternatives are:
Scalr, Docker, RightScale
Here are the latest news about CliQr:

2016 Cisco is buying cloud management platform CliQr

Cisco announced that it is buying CliQr, a provider of application management solutions for hybrid cloud environments, for $260 million. CliQr was already working with Cisco, with the company’s solutions integrated across several of Cisco’s data center switching and cloud solutions, the company said. The acquisition of CliQr comes at a time when we’re seeing some other interesting moves from other enterprise services companies to build up their hybrid cloud services. Last week, IBM announced a deep partnership with VMWare specifically to expand its own hybrid cloud offering (and it’s also made some acquisitions of its own in the space, for example buying Cleversafe last October). RedHat acquired Ansible also last October. And Microsoft’s acquisition of Aorato was also aimed at improving its security offerings for hybrid cloud environments.