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Central Desktop
Central Desktop enables to store and share files, hold discussions, capture feedback and approvals, keep decentralized internal and external team members up-to-date, and eliminate the need for disparate tools, such as FTP sites, file-sending sites, shared drives and extranets. Never dig through your inbox again looking for "lost" emails; all project information is consolidated in one location.
Central Desktop alternatives are:
Basecamp, Zoho, G Suite, SharePoint, HyperOffice
Here are the latest news about Central Desktop:

2010 Central Desktop unveiled version 2.0

Central Desktop
Although Central Desktop (one of the leading SaaS collaboration and project management services) has been around for 5 years, its management thought that now it's the best time to introduce the 2.0 version of this product. Specially for this event the service interface has been completely redesigned. It became more glamorous and less like Basecamp. Users now have avatars, so the service looks more social. In addition, an online file viewer (like recently in Box.net) has been added. It you can display over 200 file types (including even CAD formats) directly in browser. Moreover, you can print any file to PDF-document and download it to your computer.

The developers have also improved the Wiki tool - you can now quickly create and organize wikis using the intuitive drag and drop wiki tree. For those who use bookmarks the Favorites section has been added. You can add to Favorites any item (file, page, task, discussion ...).

In general, the Central Desktop functionality is already looking very complete. It even includes microblogs, web-conferencing, Outlook and Salesforce integration, LDAP support and API access. You can link your own domain and set up a the corporate design. Therefore, the service is trying to target the workgroups in large companies.