BranchOut alternatives

BranchOut is the world's largest professional network with over 800 million searchable profiles. On BranchOut, users utilize their social network from Facebook to discover all of their inside connections for jobs, recruiting and sales. BranchOut's mission is to connect the world's professionals.
BranchOut alternatives are:
LinkedIn, BeKnown, Identified
Here are the latest news about BranchOut:

2014 Business social network BranchOut is sold out

BranchOut, the startup that attempted to create a “LinkedIn within Facebook” has been acquired by 1-Page, an HR software company for around $5.4 million. When BranchOut first launched, the company raced to popularity with a Facebook app that filled niche in Facebook’s platform: it offered users the ability to use their contact book on the social network as a professional networking tool. It picked up 33 million users and $49 million in funding on the back of that growth, but then the app died a death when Facebook changed its policies on how apps could spam users (or “make their growth go viral” if you are feeling more charitable). As part of the deal, Page-1 says it is buying this very app. It will use it “to create the most powerful employee referral engine for enterprises globally,” the company notes.

2012 What is the professional social network #2 after LinkedIn?

If we wake you up in the middle of the night and ask what is the most popular business-oriented social network in the world, you'll probably say that LinkedIn. But if we ask you what is the professional network #2, you'll either shrug your shoulders or say "who cares? anyway we have Facebook for that". However, there are two networks that call themselves "# 2 after the LinkedIn" and the first of them is BranchOut, that is nothing but an application for Facebook. It has 25 million registered users (compare with LinkedIn - 150 million). BranchOut allows you to create your professional profile on top of the common profile on Facebook. It will be accessible for all who also installed the BranchOut app. In general BranchOut copies the basic functions of LinkedIn for searching and establishing business relationships, but also lets to combine professional information with personal. In some cases - it's useful.

The second LinkedIn competitor is Viadeo. It's more popular in Europe and China and has 45 million registered users. The main feature of this network - is its regional adaptation. Unlike LinkedIn, which is the same in all countries (only allows to change the interface language), Viadeo is trying to find an individual approach to each region. It's founders say that different countries have different traditions of business communications. By the way, recently Viadeo raised $32 mln and entered the Russian market to become the major player there.