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Bitrix Intranet is a highly secure, turnkey intranet solution for small and medium-sized businesses designed for effective collaboration, communication, social networking, workflow and knowledge management. The product enables increased employee productivity, motivation and awareness, and smoother internal operations.
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2012 Bitrix24 - the most pumped up Facebook for Enterprise on the market

Russian intranet portal maker 1C-Bitrix is taking on Chatter, Yammer, Socialcast and other social intranet services with its latest product Bitrix24. And this service is not just yet another "Facebook for Enterprise" clone. It's created in the unique style of 1C-Bitrix. In fact Bitrix24 looks like "Facebook for Enterprise" only at first glance - on the home page there is an activity stream where you can post messages and comments and see the latest actions in the system. But under the hood of this home page you will find the common (for 1C-Bitrix) set of million functions: tasks, file storage (with version control), calendar, photo galleries, instant messager, extranet, CRM, workflow builder, time tracker, profiles, reports, mobile version ... Of course, it's cool on the one hand. But on the other - too heavy for SaaS. And during the first real stress test (on the release day) the service experienced big problems with scalability.

Of course, it's not a big issue in our time. 1C-Bitrix will spend some more money for backend and ensure the reliable performance of the service. Besides users will always have the "Plan B" - you can always transfer your data from Bitrix24 to locally-installed 1C-Bitrix Intranet. However, you'll need to purchase the licenses for a local version first.

Bitrix24 provides a free version with a wide functionality for 12 users and 5GB of cloud storage. The paid version for unlimited users, 50GB and with extranet module costs $99/month. And the full version (100 GB) costs $199/month.