Bitcasa alternatives

Bitcasa Infinite Drive allows you to store, access, and share everything you've ever owned – every picture, every movie, every document, every song. Your personal cloud storage platform. Simple, private & secure, as much space as you need, for all your devices.
Bitcasa alternatives are:
DropBox, Box, SpiderOak, IDrive, Crashplan, Backblaze, iCloud
Here are the latest news about Bitcasa:

2016 Bitcasa will focuse on its platform business

Bitcasa is pulling out of consumer cloud storage to focus on its platform business. Users of the discontinued Bitcasa Drive cloud storage product have until May 20 to download their data. Back in fall 2014 Bitcasa nixed its unlimited consumer cloud storage offering, and appeared to be shifting focus towards the b2b space even then. It’s now evidently rethought the value of offering even higher-priced consumer cloud storage — doubtless as a consequence of fierce competition in the space with tech giants including Google, Dropbox, Microsoft and Amazon all duking it out to onboard as many consumers as possible.

2014 Bitcasa ends unlimited storage plan

2014 Bitcasa is now housing customer data regionally