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Adobe Document Cloud
Speed business processes and let employees work anywhere with all-new Adobe Acrobat DC products and Adobe Document Cloud. Your business is built on documents. With Adobe Document Cloud, you can transform disjointed document processes into smart, all-digital experiences and speed transactions end-to-end.
Adobe Document Cloud alternatives are:
Dropbox, Docusign

Here are the latest news about Adobe Document Cloud:

2011 Adobe tries to fix its SaaS business with EchoSign acquisition

Adobe EchoSign
Over the past year, FedEx earned about half a billion dollars on transfering paper documents. It proves that the electronic signature market will continue to grow rapidly. Adobe (aka the giant of the electronic documents space) also understands this. Last week Adobe acquired the most successful electronic signature service - EchoSign. Adobe intends to close its own service eSignatures (which was still in beta) and integrate EchoSign into its SaaS suite However, if you look at what has recently become, this news is likely to be less of a cause for celebration than commiseration with EchoSign’s users and fans. always amazed us with its (not good) value/effectiveness ratio. But its latest update makes us doubting about the adequacy of Adobe's SaaS-policy. was originally based on the online document editor Buzzword (that Adobe acquired), the file storage and tools for document collaboration. And the service slowly but surely was developing in the collaborative direction. But now the file storage with workspaces and document editors have disappeared. And instead of them - there are five separate services:

- for creating PDF documents
- for converting PDF -> Word
- for creating web-forms
- for sending large files
- for online meetings

Even more amazing is that on the main Adobe site there is still an old description of Obviously, such a large corporation simply does not care about small SaaS services.

2010 added kind of shared workspaces

2009 gets closer to reality