Acquia alternatives

A Unified Platform for Content, Community and Commerce. Acquia's open cloud platform delivers scalability, security, and high performance for your Drupal sites. Acquia Cloud is the only solution that helps everyone from professional developers to large enterprises achieve success in Drupal application lifecycle management.
Acquia alternatives are:
Pantheon, Drupal, Jive
Here are the latest news about Acquia:

2015 Online CMS provider Acquia raised $55 Million

Acquia, the Drupal-based service provider that helps businesses tailor their websites to Internet browsers and mobile application users, has raised $55 million in a late-stage round of financing. With its new products, Acquia wants to help track these segments better and even suggest new ones you might not have considered based on the data the tool collects about site visitors. The move comes as the battle to manage the customer experience continues to heat up. Giants like Salesforce are looking to own the customer experience as it relates to the customer record, marketing and customer service, while web content management folks (like Acquia) manage how a potential customer experiences and interacts with websites and a business’ content on other devices. The big capital infusion helps put Acquia on a more even footing with players like Adobe, Sitecore, Alfresco and the previous leaders in the space like OpenText, SDL, IBM and Oracle.

2015 Acquia makes Drupal more secure and faster with CloudFlare tools

2014 Acquia enables website intelligent personalization