5pm alternatives

5pm can be your central location for project and task management, team collaboration, time tracking, reporting and more...
5pm alternatives are:
Basecamp, Manymoon, Producteev
Here are the latest news about 5pm:

2008 5pm Might be a Good Time for Project Management

5pm is a relatively new entrant to the project management market. Even without venture funding, the 5pm team has built a visually attractive project management utility, but how does it stack up to the competition? Signing up for 5pm is easy - they offer a 14 day trial and there is no “wait for your email” to verify your account. The signup and onboarding processes is very quick and painless, giving off a great first impression. Like Projjex, 5pm delivers the familiar Project/Task view you’re used to seeing in project management software. 5pm is easy on the eyes and features many pop-ups offering contextual how-tos and tips on usage. There are tabs for projects, timelines (gantt charts), reports, and user (resource) profiles. The right hand pane is a contextual menu that refreshes whenever you click an item on the left. For example, if you click on a project name, the right hand pane will display details on that project, eliminating an extra click to retrieve this useful information.

2007 5pm Won't Shorten Your Work Day, Yet.

The trend for project management sites seemed to peak earlier this year, but 5pm has come onto the scene this week with an online tool to manage your projects online. It functions from one main screen with two panels and a set of tabs. The left panel holds your projects and your tasks. The right panel displays the details of whatever project you have open. So if you’ve uploaded a document for Project A, then the document will display in this right panel when you’ve got the associated project highlighted on the left. You’ll also see your current activity, and basic info, which lays out all your tasks. Other than the project view, there’s an at-a-glance timeline, time reporting and profiles. You can access profiles of those you’re working on projects with. I’m surprised to see that there’s no easy way of inviting new members, or setting up profiles and assigning permissions to other group members. There’s also no way to view all of your own tasks across projects–you’ll need to open projects up individually.