fring vs ooVoo

fring is a peer-to-peer mobile service enabling live chat, audio and video calls from mobile phones. fring technology is a Mobile VoIP based internet telephony service
ooVoo brings easy video chat to all platforms - our free video chat app is available to download for your computer (Mac, PC), smartphone (iOS, Android) & tablet. ooVoo provides free group video calls with up to 6 people. Record and send video messages. Set up a web chat room for free

Latest news about fring and ooVoo:

2012. ooVoo - cross-platform video chat for 12 users for free. Israeli-based video chat service ooVoo becomes perhaps the most attractive solution for companies wishing to conduct group video conferences and not to pay money for it. As you know, Skype has made its group video service paid. Then came Google Hangouts, which offers free video calls for up to 10 participants. But it only works in the browser (in Google+) and on Android devices. But the new version of ooVoo offers free video chat for up to 12 participants. And it works on PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android (smartphones and tablets) and via the web-interface in browser. New ooVoo's iPad app supports 4-way video in HD format. In addition, ooVoo has released an application for Facebook, so that users of this social network could even not care about the registration and software installation.

2011. Skype vs Fring on iPad. Fring was one of the first who released a special messenger for the iPad when it appeared in 2010 and even tried to get people calling via iPad, as via the usual phone. And now Fring one of the first releasing the video chat for iPad 2, and at once with the group video support (fo 4 participants). The application provides the optimized picture quality, works over Wi-Fi and 3G, and can switch between the front and back cameras, but for now can't make SIP calls to regular phones. Also, recently the video showing Skype's video chat working on the iPad has leaked to the Web (see below). Unlike Fring, this application is still under development. But it's a good sign that after the acquisition by Microsoft, Skype continues to develop its apps for the competing (Apple) platforms.

2011. Fring is going crazy: group video calls for iPhone and Android. Thanks God, that there are such startups as Fring. Only thanks to them business technologies are going forward relatively quickly and IT giants like Skype begin to move ass faster and reduce their planning and development cycles that would usually take months and years. While most users still don't know how to make video calls using a smartphone, Fring is coming with group video chat for iPhone and Android (but only in the closed beta so far). Fring's group video call can support up to 4 people and you can see video streams of all participants on the display. Of course, its doubtful that this feature will become very popular in the near future and it will be possible to earn on it. But its exciting that such startup as Fring can afford to develop such innovations.

Skype Fring
2010. Skype blocks Fring. As we have stated, mobile video calls are becoming the next big thing, and it seems, that Fring - is too small company to compete with such giants as Skype, Google and Apple in this market. Last week, Fring enabled making video calls on 3G for iPhone users. This new feature has become so popular that within a few hours after launch, Fring servers couldn't stand to load and Fring decided to temporarily disable support for Fring-to-Skype calls. In a few days Fring expanded its capacity, but Skype support has not been resumed. Today Fring blog has reported that Skype has blocked these calls and threatened to sue Fring. Quote from the blog: "They are afraid of open mobile communication. Cowards".

2010. Fring strikes back (on Apple Facetime). Fring was the first video chat application on the iPhone. However, without frontal camera, it was not very helpful. But together with the front camera on iPhone, Apple introduced  it's own video chat program Facetime, that supported two-way video calls and immediately replaced Fring. Now Fring strikes back. Today, the strartup has launched the new iPhone app, which also supports two-way video calls, and in addition, has two major advantages over Facetime. First, it works via 3G (and Facetime - only via Wi-Fi), and second, it allows iPhone users to communicate with those who use Android and Nokia S40 smartphones, that run Fring (and Facetime supports video calls only between iPhones). However, the benefits of Facetime - are simplicity and iPhone native integration (to start a video call - you don't need to launch third-party program), and higher video quality.

2010. It's official: Mobile Video Calls is the next big thing. A couple of weeks ago we suggested that Google is going to shift the video communications market (and win Skype), betting on mobile video calls. Today we can accurately say that very soon mobile video chat will become a huge market and the IT giants will fight for it. It's enough to watch the Facetime (iPhone 4 video chat) presentation to understand this. Since June 24 Apple will start selling iPhone 4 with the front camera and video over Wi-Fi in US, and it's obvious that to the and of this year millions of users will make video calls via the iPhone, and Apple will become the world's largest mobile video chat provider. But it will be only the short term win. Then Skype, Google and other players will join the fight.

2007. ooVoo Wants to be Your Video Social Network. It’s not like there is any shortage of social networks these days. Still, that doesn’t keep new ones from popping up and hoping to attract a critical mass of users. One of the latest to cross our radar is ooVoo, which pitches itself as “Free Video Conferencing and Video Messaging.” As you can no doubt guess, their hook is easy video integration with their services. After a simple installation (Windows only at the moment, though Mac is promised soon and they don’t rule out Linux in the future), you end up with what looks like another instant messenger window running in the corner of the screen, which minimizes as expected to the tray. It didn’t have any trouble detecting the random USB webcam and headset I had laying around, but they also have a store that will sell you ones that are known to work well with ooVoo. So after you load it up, what can you do? ooVoo supports one-to-one video conversations, of course, with anyone on your contact list.

2007. ooVoo jumps into video and IM chat space. ooVoo is a free, standalone desktop chat application that has both a text and video chat capabilities. Its official launch is next week, but the beta has been available since mid April. I took it for a spin this morning and came away impressed. There are a ton of chat clients out there, so one of the things it has done to differentiate itself is multiperson video chat. ooVoo can handle as many as six people in one video conference, which is two more than what iChat is capable of. Users can drop in and out of conversations, and the video windows will scale with a similar effect to iChat"s "swoop." Along with video, users can chat among themselves with their computer"s microphone or a headset. There are volume controls for both speakers and the microphone right in the chat window, a handy addition. I found the video and audio to be fairly clear, even when topped off at six users.

2007. ooVoo Taking On Skype?. ooVoo is a video conferencing tool that has recently launched. ooVoo provides video conferencing for up to five users, as well as a video messaging tool, and files and text messages can be sent while holding a video conference. Video messages can be sent via email to friends that have not signed up for the service. ooVoo must be downloaded, which always raises the potential for people to be hesitant to start using your service. You can also create an ooVoo widget with your photo, to encourage people to instantly start a video chat with you or add you as an ooVoo contact. This widget can be placed on your MySpace, hi5 and Piczo profiles, as well as in the signature line of your emails. Looks to me like ooVoo is going after the Skype crowd, especially since they too have a store where you can buy peripheral items for video chat. While you can’t conduct a VoIP call with ooVoo, they’re probably banking on the future of video chat.