Wordpress vs Zoho Sites

WordPress is web software you can use to create a beautiful website or blog. We like to say that WordPress is both free and priceless at the same time. The core software is built by hundreds of community volunteers, and when you’re ready for more there are thousands of plugins and themes available to transform your site into almost anything you can imagine. Wordpress cloud alternatives are Wix, Weebly, Squarespace
Zoho Sites
Completely Free Website Builder for every head. Build a free website, get an online presence and reach out to a wider audience. Creating a website is now easy and fun. With our free website builder, no complex HTML or coding is required. Choose a theme, simply drag and drop elements onto the page or select a layout and get started. You can also customize the layout to give your page a different style. It's easy - On the page, just drag the elements from their existing place and drop where you need them to be.
Comparing Wordpress vs Zoho Sites is like comparing apples to oranges. Because your business is unique and nobody except you can decide, which is better for your company. But we can add some fun to your research and suggest some new comparison parameters.

Let's start with videos. We think that Wordpress has better video than Zoho Sites

Ok, now let's compare the UI. Looks like Zoho Sites has more user-friendly interface than Wordpress because it's bigger. At least on our screenshots

To compare the popularity of the solutions we counted how many alternatives people search for each of them on the Internet. And it turns out that Wordpress is more popular than Zoho Sites

Now let's look at the recent activities of our competitors:

- WordPress.com turned on HTTPS encryption for all sites (in 2016)
- Zoho Sites adds newsletter subscription form (in 2016)
- WordPress.com goes Open Source and gets a desktop app (in 2015)
- WordPress acquired e-commerce plugin WooCommerce (in 2015)
- WordPress, Squarespace offer website CMS for Google Apps customers (in 2014)
- Website building service Zoho Sites goes completely free (in 2014)
- Zoho Sites gets new social sharing tools (in 2014)
- Microsoft makes scaling WordPress on Azure easier (in 2014)
- Zoho Sites: website as a public interface to your IT environment (in 2012)

Looks like Wordpress was recently more active than Zoho Sites (at least in our news). We also found some news, in which Wordpress and Zoho Sites meet head to head:

2016 - WordPress.com turned on HTTPS encryption for all sites. Beware Zoho Sites

WordPress.com is adding HTTPS support for all of its sites without having to do anything. Each website now has an SSL certificate and will display a green lock in your address back. The nice side effect to the enhanced security is that Google tends to favor websites that support HTTPS over HTTP-only website. So your WordPress.com website should rank higher in Google search results.

2016 - Zoho Sites adds newsletter subscription form to stand out over WordPress

Zoho introduced all new Newsletter Subscription Form that integrates Zoho Sites with Zoho Campaigns and MailChimp. This tool allows  website’s visitors to subscribe to your newsletter and you can keep them connected to your business with news, updates, and promotions. It’s easy to add a Newsletter Subscription Form to your site. Just drag it on, choose which mailing list you’d like to connect it to in Zoho Campaigns or MailChimp, and start increasing your revenue.