Tango vs fring

Tango is a free mobile video communications service that allows you to connect with friends and family to conveniently capture and share life’s every day moments. Tango works on the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and all Android 2.1 or later phones and tablets over 3G, 4G, and Wi-Fi, giving you the ultimate flexibility in how, where and with whom you communicate.
fring is a peer-to-peer mobile service enabling live chat, audio and video calls from mobile phones. fring technology is a Mobile VoIP based internet telephony service

Latest news about Tango and fring:

13.05.15. Mobile messager Tango gets in-chat shop. Mobile messaging app Tango launched an in-app commerce service called Tango Shop, powered by two retail heavyweights, Alibaba and Walmart. The new shop is available as a new tab at the bottom of the app. Through a mixture of Tango’s own curation and learning from a user’s activity, it showcases items that can be bought inside the chat app. Payment and logistics are handled by the two partners. Tango said it takes a cut of each transaction. Despite Facebook’s recent activity turning Messenger into a platform, Tango is the first messaging app in the U.S. to offer such a service. It is initially live in the U.S. only, where most of Tango’s user base is located, but it will eventually roll out to other global markets.

28.08.14. Tango messenger adds new brand channels. Mobile messager Tango is adding new options to its Channels program for publishers and brands, including BuzzFeed and Vimeo. Tango’s Channels are something similar to Facebook Pages in that it gives consumers a way to subscribe to receive updates from publishers and other brands in the service. It’s not an advertising program per se, but by giving brands a home in Tango, it can feed into the company’s ad efforts. The list of new publishers suggests that Tango will continue expanding the entertainment side of the program. Recent additions include AOL On (AOL owns TechCrunch), Funny or Die, Hulu, Rhapsody, SoundCloud and Vevo, with the aforementioned BuzzFeed and Vimeo coming soon. Tango said there are more than 30 Channels total.

2011. Nokia and Skype not in a hurry to bring videochat to Windows Phone. Today in London, Nokia unveiled its first smartphones on Windows Phone (Mango) platform - Lumia 710 and Lumia 800. In general, they haven't disappointed anyone. Stylish, high quality, fast and reliable smartphones with pre-installed Mobile Office and Outlook, integrated to Exchange, SkyDrive, SharePoint, Office 365 - will surely attract business users. Of course, the price $580 (Lumia 800) - is not much different from the iPhone, but otherwise it has all chances to compete with iPhone and Android-devices. The only big cons - is that Nokia Lumia has no front camera, which means it doesn't support video chat, so important for business users. Why wasn't it installed? Nokia representative said that they simply had not enough time. But this is not the most shocking news about the video chat on Windows Phone.

Tango for Windows interface
2011. Modern Interfaces: Tango for Windows. One of the Skype competitors, which appeared as a result of the growing mobile video chat popularity, Tango - has released an app for windows-desktops today. Previously, it worked only on smartphones and tablets running iOS and Android. This is certainly good news for those who use Tango, but for us another thing is more interesting. The fact is that Tango's windows-interface looks exactly like iPhone. Can you imagine what we have come to? Not so long ago the first mobile devices on Windows Mobile copied desktop interface (with icons and Start menu), so that people understood how to work with them. And now developers create desktop interfaces looking like mobile apps to make them more familiar for users. Of course, it's too early to talk about the Post-PC era, but the mobile devices can play on an equal footing with desktops.

Tango for Windows
2011. Tango launches Windows-apps, gets 42 million to replace Skype. After Microsoft's Skype acquisition we started looking for its replacement as of public communication service. And, apparently, not only we, but also the investors who want to raise money on this project. From now one of the main contenders for the Skype's place - is Tango. It has just closed $42 million in its Series B round of funding led by Draper Fisher Jurvetson, notably the first outside investors in Skype. Tango launched 18 months ago and already has 18 million users. Every 2 weeks it adds a million. Until now, Tango was a mobile service. It allowed to make video calls on iPhone, iPad and Android (smartphones and tablets). But now it introduced the Windows app, and soon plans to create the Mac-client. So how is Tango different from Skype?

2011. Skype vs Fring on iPad. Fring was one of the first who released a special messenger for the iPad when it appeared in 2010 and even tried to get people calling via iPad, as via the usual phone. And now Fring one of the first releasing the video chat for iPad 2, and at once with the group video support (fo 4 participants). The application provides the optimized picture quality, works over Wi-Fi and 3G, and can switch between the front and back cameras, but for now can't make SIP calls to regular phones. Also, recently the video showing Skype's video chat working on the iPad has leaked to the Web (see below). Unlike Fring, this application is still under development. But it's a good sign that after the acquisition by Microsoft, Skype continues to develop its apps for the competing (Apple) platforms.

2011. Fring is going crazy: group video calls for iPhone and Android. Thanks God, that there are such startups as Fring. Only thanks to them business technologies are going forward relatively quickly and IT giants like Skype begin to move ass faster and reduce their planning and development cycles that would usually take months and years. While most users still don't know how to make video calls using a smartphone, Fring is coming with group video chat for iPhone and Android (but only in the closed beta so far). Fring's group video call can support up to 4 people and you can see video streams of all participants on the display. Of course, its doubtful that this feature will become very popular in the near future and it will be possible to earn on it. But its exciting that such startup as Fring can afford to develop such innovations.

Skype Fring
2010. Skype blocks Fring. As we have stated, mobile video calls are becoming the next big thing, and it seems, that Fring - is too small company to compete with such giants as Skype, Google and Apple in this market. Last week, Fring enabled making video calls on 3G for iPhone users. This new feature has become so popular that within a few hours after launch, Fring servers couldn't stand to load and Fring decided to temporarily disable support for Fring-to-Skype calls. In a few days Fring expanded its capacity, but Skype support has not been resumed. Today Fring blog has reported that Skype has blocked these calls and threatened to sue Fring. Quote from the blog: "They are afraid of open mobile communication. Cowards".

2010. Fring strikes back (on Apple Facetime). Fring was the first video chat application on the iPhone. However, without frontal camera, it was not very helpful. But together with the front camera on iPhone, Apple introduced  it's own video chat program Facetime, that supported two-way video calls and immediately replaced Fring. Now Fring strikes back. Today, the strartup has launched the new iPhone app, which also supports two-way video calls, and in addition, has two major advantages over Facetime. First, it works via 3G (and Facetime - only via Wi-Fi), and second, it allows iPhone users to communicate with those who use Android and Nokia S40 smartphones, that run Fring (and Facetime supports video calls only between iPhones). However, the benefits of Facetime - are simplicity and iPhone native integration (to start a video call - you don't need to launch third-party program), and higher video quality.

2010. It's official: Mobile Video Calls is the next big thing. A couple of weeks ago we suggested that Google is going to shift the video communications market (and win Skype), betting on mobile video calls. Today we can accurately say that very soon mobile video chat will become a huge market and the IT giants will fight for it. It's enough to watch the Facetime (iPhone 4 video chat) presentation to understand this. Since June 24 Apple will start selling iPhone 4 with the front camera and video over Wi-Fi in US, and it's obvious that to the and of this year millions of users will make video calls via the iPhone, and Apple will become the world's largest mobile video chat provider. But it will be only the short term win. Then Skype, Google and other players will join the fight.

2008. Fring Trials Ads On Free Mobile Chat/VoIP Application. Fring is trialing something it should have implemented long ago if it ever planned on making money: ads. Fring is essentially a mobile VoIP / chat service provider that works on the iPhone and any device running Windows Mobile or Symbian, with technology that enables users to make free calls using the Fring service itself, Skype, Live Messenger, Google Talk, and other communication services.

2008. Fring VOIP and chat client goes mainstream. The iPhone app Fring, which acts as a VOIP client for Skype and other internet phone networks, as well as a voice and chat interface into IM networks like AIM and Yahoo, is now available for free to everyone. Previously it only ran on Jailbroken iPhones, severely limiting its audience.

2008. Get Your Nokia VoIP on with Fring. Despite Nokia crippling VoIP on its latest N-series handsets, mobile VoIP companies are coming through with updated apps to keep Nokia users yapping away for free. Today fring released its software update for the N96 and N78 that gives users mobile IM and VoIP.

2008. fring Enriches Mobile IM Client with fringAdd-ons. First of all, if you think the name fringAdd-ons is a bit clumsy, you’re right. We didn’t make it up: that’s the official name for add-on applications that can be integrated with the already quite powerful mobile IM/VoIP Voice over Internet Protocol  client fring. If you aren’t familiar with fring, suffice to say that it’s the instant communication swiss army knife for your mobile; besides supporting nearly all flavors of instant messaging, it also has support for Skype and Twitter.

2007. Fring starts chats, Skype calls for less dough. Fring is a free VoIP and chat client. The downloadable app harnesses your cell phone"s Internet connection into phone calls and chats with buddies on Skype, Twitter, MSN Messenger, Google Talk, and ICQ. Your carrier will slap you with no accruing SMS fee, but you"d better have Wi-Fi reception or an unlimited data plan if you want to chat freely and stay in the black. Fring groups all contacts, including those in your phone"s address book, into a single list, highlighting icons at the top to indicate the service your buddy patronizes. You can click a buddy"s name to call them, and choose the method of telephony--Fringo, GMS, Skype Out, or SIP. You can also select your service of choice from the call menu. To reach out and ping someone, you select the "chat" option from the menu and begin typing into the narrow field.In all cases, recipients and initiators must have the voice aspect of their programs enabled.