Logmein vs TeamViewer

LogMeIn gives you fast, easy remote access to your PC or Mac from your browser, desktop and mobile devices. Premium features like file transfer, file sharing and remote printing help you stay connected and productive wherever you go. Logmein free alternatives are: TeamViewer, Chrome Remote Desktop, AeroAdmin, TightVNC
TeamViewer connects to any PC or server around the world within a few seconds. You can remote control your partner's PC as if you were sitting right in front of it.TeamViewer free alternatives are: Chrome Remote Desktop, AeroAdmin, TightVNC

Latest news about Logmein and TeamViewer:

01.08.17. LogMeIn acquires chatbot and AI startup Nanorep. LogMeIn, the company that provides remote access app and new alternative CRM solution Bold360 (launched in June) has acquired for $45 million Nanorep, a startup that develops chatbots and other AI-based tools to help people navigate self-service apps. In essence, its platform helps anticipate what customers are trying to do when they’re on a website — say in a technical support or search situation — and reduces the number of steps needed to get there. It looks like all of Nanorep’s existing business will continue as its tech also gets integrated into Bold360.

08.06.15. LogMeIn acquired whiteboard app Zamurai. LogMeIn has bought a popular whiteboard app for the iPad - Zamurai to build out the features of its online collaboration and meeting app join.me. The app, which had won several distinctions in the productivity app category, appears to still be live in the app store, but it looks like that may not be the case for long: LogMeIn says that in the future the Zamurai name will go away and the technology, which has now been integrated into new versions of join.me’s apps for the iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch, will now be offered exclusively through join.me. The current Zamurai users will be offered a migration path with the product completely folded into join.me. In addition to whiteboarding, Zamurai was working on other technologies for real-time visual collaboration, and with the team all coming on to LogMeIn, it could point to further enhancements for join.me down the line.

10.11.14. TeamViewer 10 adds video calls and other new features. Remote support service TeamViewer released the new version 10 that includes significant performance optimizations, UI redesign and a bunch of new features. Now you can reach out to your colleagues using video and VoIP in exceptional quality for both image and audio without having to first start a meeting. You can also talk to multiple participants simultaneously in a single call, and share your screen at any time. Besides, TeamViewer 10 provides a complete chat history for all conversations, and chats are end-to-end encrypted. Administrator now can apply setting policies, distribute them, and enforce them if necessary, all via the Management Console. Any changes to setting policies are automatically applied to all installations.

05.09.14. LogMeIn acquires Meldium to improve remote control security. LogMeIn, the provider of remote PC management, is buying Meldium, the startup noted for its password management and single sign-on capabilities. Meldium aims to make it easier to grant and rescind a person’s rights to business apps and data, which in turn makes life easier for companies that hire interns, freelancers or contract employees. Meldium’s promise is that it lets an admin easily disable or delete corporate accounts of a given person without screwing with her personal accounts. LogMeIn plans to integrate it with LogMeIn’s offerings, which include Join Me,  AppGuru, LogMeIn Central and LogMeIn Rescue. Meldium competes with companies like Okta and even Microsoft in some cases.

19.06.14. TeamViewer integrated with Spiceworks. Remote support tool TeamViewer is now integrated with IT Help Desk service combined with IT community Spiceworks. From now users (support agents) are able to create and join support sessions directly from the Spiceworks help desk. Customers can connect with a simple click. An overview of current Spiceworks sessions is available in the TeamViewer Management Console and TeamViewer client. Connection reports are added to the corresponding ticket. Spiceworks is used by more than 5 million IT professionals to connect with one another, manage technology environments and learn about the latest technology products and services.

2013. TeamViewer allows to remotely support mobile users. TeamViewer - is probably the most popular remote support app. Support agent remotely connects customer computer and solves his problem. But now many customers and employees are using smartphones and tablets not less than desktop computers and they also want to get remote support. To fix this gap recently TeamViewer QuickSupport app for iOS and Android was launched. It allows to remotely control mobile device. Well, to be honest, it can't remotely control iPhone (even iPhone owner can't fully control it). In case with iPhone, support agent can only communicate with the user via chat, transfer files, iOS configuration profiles and different settings (e-mail account, Microsoft Exchange account, and Wi-Fi settings), view the dashboard and screenshots (which the user have to do it himself).

2009. TeamViewer enhanced its desktop sharing software. TeamViewer, the solution for online communication and desktop sharing, was just updated to new version TeamViewer 4.1. Single click connection from any window and instant messaging for groups is now available with their free TeamViewer account. With TeamViewer 4.1 users have the secure option of presenting a single window; only the document selected is shared while all other windows remain invisible to their co-workers. To facilitate teamwork, users can choose interactive input on the presented document. If the interactive feature is selected, all parties are able to make changes and modifications to the shared document

2008. Free Desktop Sharing, Minus the User Limit. The other day I wrote about TeamViewer, which is a very quick-to-use and simple solution for online desktop sharing, including sharing desktops between PCs and Macs, although fees are imposed for commercial use. ScreenStream which bills itself as “screen broadcasting software” is another completely free solution in this space that some web workers may want to consider. In order to show remote users what’s going on on your desktop with ScreenStream, you need to be running Windows, but users on Mac and Linux systems can instantly view your desktop via a browser.

2008. Easily Provide PC Support to a Remote Computer using TeamViewer. The biggest headache to remotely access a computer is the port forwarding configuration. Few months ago I talked about accessing a remote computer in 2 minutes without port forwarding using Crossloop. It is one of the easiest way to connect to another computer at the opposite of the world even if the other person is a basic computer user. Just download, install, click share and give the access code to the person who wants to connect. Can’t get any easier than that… No need to worry about IP address, firewall or router configuration.