Highrise vs Zoho CRM

Highrise CRM allows to save and organize notes and email conversations for up to 30,000 customers and contacts, keep track of proposals and deals, share status with your company, department, or team.
Zoho CRM
Zoho CRM empowers organizations with a complete customer relationship lifecycle management software for managing organization-wide Sales, Marketing, Customer Support & Service and Inventory Management in a single business system.

Latest news about Highrise and Zoho CRM:

01.03.17. Zoho CRM gets AI assistant. Zoho has introduced Zia - the Artificial Intelligence-powered Sales Assistant for Zoho CRM. Zia lets you know when something is going extraordinarily well –or wrong- in your sales operation, knows what you want to do – and helps you do it faster and bring the end of voicemails and unread emails. Zia is capable of learning, over time, the most frequent actions a particular user takes on Zoho CRM. Besides, Zoho introduced Blueprint, a sales process automation platform and upgraded two features to platforms: Zoho PhoneBridge, which connects a customer's PBX system to the Zoho CRM system, and SalesSignals, which provides real-time information about the activities of customers and prospects.

03.11.16. Highrise CRM improves reporting and activity feed. One of the biggest dings against Highrise has been our lack of reporting. Sometimes you don’t need content out of Highrise, you need to know numeric activity. So the developers decided to implement this feature. Now you can just click the new activity filter Statistics from Latest Activity, and you’ll find reports like, notes created, emails received and sent, tasks assigned and completed, deals won... Besides, Highrise added the ability to filter Activity Feeds by Email, Notes, Comments, or Files and by User. You can still filter by Latest Activity and see everything at once, or you can pick Notes to limit the view to only Notes or go even further and limit to Notes created by you or another User. These filters are also on any of your contact, deal, or case activity feeds.

28.07.16. Zoho CRM 2016 is now available. Zoho unveiled the new version of its Zoho CRM. The biggest release ever brings multichannel sales, a brand-new email client for salespeople, a marketplace where developers can connect with end users, and other features. Multichannel support for phone, email, live chat, social media, and in-person meetings will let your team make the most of every interaction at a moment’s notice. The new gamification layer Gamescope allows to set up peer-to-peer contests for your teams and make selling fun. You can use badges and trophies to reward best practices and keep your team motivated and see who your top performers are and who could use some more coaching with insights from Advanced CRM Analytics. Zoho Marketplace offers extensions from major SaaS vendors, including MailChimp, SurveyMonkey, Zendesk, Eventbrite, Box, DocuSign, SignEasy, Webmerge and SMS-Magic.

04.06.15. Highrise 2.0 for the iPhone is ready. Highrise 2.0 for the iPhone is now available to everyone on the App Store. It had been over 4 years since Basecamp's CRM tool was released, and it hadn't kept up with changes to iOS. The original iPhone app was built using an iOS framework that wasn't supported any longer, and hence, Apple was no longer approving apps built using that old technology. So the new Highrise owners decided to pull the Highrise iPhone app from the store because of the bugs people were facing. And then they built the new iPhone app from the scratch. It has your Activity Feed, Contacts, Tasks, and Custom Fields. And all sorts of helpful extras. For example, adding a task from anywhere in the app assigns that context to the task (just like it does in the web app). On a contact, add a task, the task is now Re: your contact. On an email, add a task, the task is Re: that specific email. The Current Location help when editing an address, making it a ton easier to add new Contacts when you are mobile.

27.01.15. Zoho CRM is now free for 10 users. In order to celebrate 10 years from the launch of Zoho CRM and double-down its commitment to small businesses, Zoho announced free Zoho CRM for up to 10 users. Of course they continue offering other editions, including Zoho CRMPlus, for those whose business needs have evolved. The Free10 plan includes leads, accounts, contacts, sales opportunities, web forms; workflow rule to automate sales follow-ups; documents module to share sales collateral with team; user permissions through roles and profiles. You can seamlessly integrate Zoho CRM with other Zoho business apps, like Campaigns, Support, SalesIQ, Survey, Projects, Reports, Google Apps and other third-party services.

11.10.14. Zoho CRM adds Google AdWords integration, website and social media analytics. Zoho announced the biggest CRM update ever - Zoho CRM Plus. It allows to connect your Google AdWords account to Zoho CRM account so all your data-driven insights are in one place. Thus you’ll be able to close the loop between your online spending and your offline conversions. Another new feature - Zoho SalesIQ provides real-time website visitor intelligence for sales and marketing teams, enabling them to engage visitors, qualify and get them into the sales funnel. Unlike traditional website analytics that focus on aggregate visitor data, Zoho SalesIQ provides intelligence at the individual visitor level. And the third new feature - Zoho Social - provides actionable insights for marketers and companies who want to increase their social media engagement with better content, real-time monitoring and advanced analytics. Zoho CRM Plus is available for $50 per user per month.

29.09.14. Highrise becomes a separate company. Early this year 37signals company announced that it's renaming from 37signals to Basecamp and slimming all product except one - Basecamp. Other products were going to be sold or spined off into stand-alone companies. So they decided to start with Highrise CRM - the second most popular app after Basecamp. Jason Fried, Basecamp CEO, says that they rejected a few deep-pocket buyers (including big software companies) because their plans included shuttering Highrise and rolling the customers into their existing product. At last they decided to spin off Highrise, so now it will run as its own company with its own CEO (Nathan Kontny), its own team, its own board, and its own budget (Highrise generates multi-million dollar annual profits). During the transition period, Highrise will lease some infrastructure and support agents from Basecamp, but ultimately it’ll be completely self-sufficient.

18.09.14. Zoho CRM and Zoho Creator mobile apps become free for all customers. Zoho developers say that they have reached 1,000,000 downloads for mobile Zoho apps (iOS and Android) and this number is rapidly increasing. So they decided to make the Zoho CRM and Zoho Creator mobile apps free for all customers, on any edition. Which means, you now have complete functionality (read and write access) to the mobile apps, irrespective of the edition. Zoho's online CRM is free for 3 users and allows to manage your sales, marketing, customer support, and inventory in a single system. Zoho Creator is an online visual database app builder that makes it extremely easy for business users to build their own custom apps. Other Zoho's apps like Zoho Vault, Zoho Mail and Zoho Campaigns have their mobile apps free as well.

2013. How Zoho was "helping" Salesforce users. Last week the biggest IT conference Dreamforce took place and as usual for these big vendor events, it didn't escape some funny marketing tricks. Competitors are always trying to drive customers from a company that owns a conference (in this case, Salesforce) and invent original ideas. For example, that's how Microsoft tried to spoil Salesforce conference and Salesforce picketed Oracle conference. At this time, was Zoho's turn. Though Zoho's CEO, Sridhar Vhembe, has the personal offense with Marc Benioff, he didn't try to troll Salesforce at its event. Instead, he ordered to help Salesforce users. After all, they have to pay big money monthly for CRM-system and even a ticket to the conference costs $1,000 . So Zoho gave Salesforce customers free pedicab rides to whatever their destination was – their next session, party or their hotel. It was something like free Zoho CRM test drive.

2013. Zoho launched contact manager with Pay-What-You-Want pricing. Of course, (the champion-developer of SaaS services) Zoho already provided CRM system - Zoho CRM. But you know Zoho, they packed the CRM with all functions that can be built into CRM. In result the app has become too cumbersome and expensive (from $12/month/user) for small businesses, which need only a simple customer database. That's why Zoho decided to create a simple contact manager and called it ... Zoho ContactManager. It features customer base, notes, tasks and deals. If you use Zoho Mail or Google Apps Mail you can view the history of email-correspondence by each customer. And it has a mini-social network to communicate within your company. All this is available not only in browser, but also on the iPhone / Android. Besides, Zoho has invented a new pricing scheme - Pay What You Want. You are free to enter any price you'll pay for each user per month. However, this price should be higher than $1.

2013. Zoho Survey - app for creating customet surveys. Driven by the hot marketing app market Zoho has released one more tool for marketers - Zoho Survey. It's a service that will help you easily create professional surveys, distribute them to your customers wherever they are and analyze their responses. You can use one of the templates, insert your logo, add variety of field types (text, checkboxes, radiobuttons, comboboxes), and even automation scripts (for example, the next field appears depending on the previous choice). Forms created in Zoho Survey work well in mobile browsers. They can also be published on Facebook page and inserted in emails in MailChimp and Zoho Campaigns. The survey results are represented in beautiful reports or in Zoho Sheet tables. The free version allows to create unlimited number of surveys, but with limitation in the number of questions (up to 15) and number of responces (up to 150 per survey).

2013. Zoho CEO: Salesforce acquires, acquires, acquires, while we build, build, build. Yesterday, Salesforce agreed to pay $2.5 billion for ExactTarget, and of course, Zoho chief, Sridhar Vembu, could not silently pass this event. Five years ago Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff tried to buy Zoho, and being refused, banned them on Force.com platform. So Sridhar loves to troll Mark, and yesterday he was on a roll. Here are the most interesting quotes from his speech:

37signals Suite
2010. 37signals Suite - the new rival for Google Apps. 37Signals decided to market a combined package of its key SaaS services for business - 37signals Suite, similar to how Google sells its services as Google Apps. 37signals Suite includes Basecamp (project management system), Highrise (CRM system), Campfire (group chat, which can be used as communication tool in this bundle) and Backpack (group organizer+wiki, which can be considered as an intranet portal in this bundle). The integration between applications in the package doesn't rock for now, but at least the user base will be unified. 37signals Suite is prices so that in most cases it's cheaper to buy the whole suite than two separate services. Price starts at $99 per month - for 35Gb of memory, 35 projects in Basecamp, 20000 contacts in Highrise, 5000 pages in Backpack, 50 simultaneous chats in Campfire. Though it seems much more expensive than the cost of Google Apps (50$/year), but you shouldn't forget that Google charges this fee for each user, and in 37Signals Suite the number of users is unlimited.

Salesforce Microsoft
2010. Microsoft sues Salesforce.com. SaaS industry in danger. This week, Microsoft filed a lawsuit against Salesforce, blaming the SaaS company in violating 9 patents. These patents are not about CRM functionality (it would be strange, because Salesforce CRM appeared earlier than Microsoft CRM was developed), but about basic software technologies. For example, here is the technology of displaying web-page with embedded menu: "A request for a web page is received from a web browser In response to the request, a web page and an applet associated with the web page are packaged for transmission to the web browser. The web page and the applet are then transmitted to and downloaded by the web browser. When the web page is displayed and the applet is executed by the web browser, the applet creates and manages an embedded menu in the displayed web page under control of the applet . This embedded menu provides a user of the web browser with a plurality of links through one action in the displayed web page." Perhaps having this patent, Microsoft could close any SaaS vendor, but they have chosen Salesforce, their main competitor on CRM market.

Zoho Docs
2009. Zoho integrates Google Docs into CRM, Projects and Email. Still, Google should think about buying Zoho. And not in order to get rid of the competitor or to utilize Zoho services, but to attract this Indian developers team that can create 10 updates, while Google's team is working on one. For example, today in Zoho integrated Google Docs into its online services. No you can upload documents from Google Docs to Zoho Docs, attach documents from Google Docs to the records in Zoho CRM and Zoho Projects, view them in the Zoho editors and send Google documents in Zoho Mail emails. Why Google has not still implemented the ability to attach their documents to emails in GMail, and pages in Google Sites - it's not clear. Why Zoho integrates Zoho Docs, though its own document editors are even better - it's quite reasonable.

2008. Zoho CRM Goes Enterprise. Zoho has just announced an “enterprise” version of their customer relations management product. The new version adds a fairly sophisticated role-based security capability to the sales and marketing features that were already present, with a hierarchy of roles and permissions down to the field level.

2007. 37signals launches Highrise. 37signals launched its Highrise contact manager. Like all 37signals products, this new contact manager is so supremely useful that you wonder why all the other contact managers were so poor. It’s designed for all those small businesses that need to manage their contacts (employees, clients, colleagues, vendors etc) but don’t have a simple way to do so. Pricing ranges from free to $149/month, and the top-level features are reminders, profile pages for every contact, contact sharing between users, task tracking and “cases”, which store people, companies, notes, files and pictures in one place. 37signals creates nice, simple, intuitive apps and somehow manage to charge for them - in a world where almost all applications are free. It’ll be blissfully easy to convince existing customers to add Highrise to their business toolset alongside Basecamp, Campfire and the rest.