Facebook Messenger vs Google Allo

Facebook Messenger
Facebook Messenger is an instant messaging service and software application which provides text and voice communication. Available now for Android and iPhone. Secure Facebook Messenger alternatives are Signal and Telegram. If you are looking for Facebook Messenger alternatives for business pay attention to GoToMeeting, Skype for Business.
Google Allo
Google Allo is a smart messaging app that helps you say more and do more. Express yourself better with stickers, doodles, and HUGE emojis & text. Allo also brings you the Google Assistant.
Comparing Facebook Messenger vs Google Allo is like comparing apples to oranges. Because your business is unique and nobody except you can decide, which is better for your company. But we can add some fun to your research and suggest some new comparison parameters.

Let's start with videos. We think that Facebook Messenger has better video than Google Allo

Ok, now let's compare the UI. Looks like Facebook Messenger has more user-friendly interface than Google Allo because it's bigger. At least on our screenshots

To compare the popularity of the solutions we counted how many alternatives people search for each of them on the Internet. And it turns out that Facebook Messenger is more popular than Google Allo

Now let's look at the recent activities of our competitors:

- Google Allo gets web interface (in 2017)
- Google adds audio calling to Duo and file sharing to Allo (in 2017)
- Facebook Messenger gets group video calling (in 2016)
- Facebook Messenger adds end-to-end encryption (in 2016)
- Facebook Messenger adds group calls (in 2016)
- Facebook Messenger now allows to build chatbots (in 2016)
- Facebook launched enterprise messenger (in 2015)
- Facebook Messenger gets free video calls (in 2015)
- Facebook launched dedicated web interface for its Messenger (in 2015)
- Facebook wants to replace business2customer email by its Messenger (in 2015)

Looks like Facebook Messenger was recently more active than Google Allo (at least in our news).