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Todoist lets you manage your tasks anywhere. At home. At school. At work. Online. Offline. And on 13 platforms and devices. Collaborate on shared tasks. Access tasks everywhere.

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17.05.17. Todoist launched integration with Google Calendar. Task manager Todoist is launching a deep two-way integration with Google Calendar. After hooking up your Todoist account with Google Calendar, your tasks are going to show up in your calendar if they have a due date. If you also entered a specific time of the day, you’ll see an event in your calendar. Recurring tasks will create multiple events. After that, you can click on your calendar events, edit them, move them around and everything will be synchronized back to Todoist. This way, you get a calendar view of your tasks… in your calendar. It’s also a good way to let other people add stuff to your calendar thanks to shared projects.

16.11.16. Todoist uses machine learning to predict your task due dates. Popular task management service Todoist wants to help you reschedule your task and even out the work load using machine learning. There’s a new “Reschedule” button next to the overdue section. The service intelligently suggests new due dates for all these overdue tasks based on many different data points. It also works with unscheduled tasks. Todoist learns from you. For regular tasks, such as errands, Todoist remembers when you usually complete these tasks and assign them to the same day. You might also have a ton of upcoming tasks, so Todoist will make sure that all tasks are distributed evenly so that you can actually get stuff done. Todoist also knows when you stop working when you stop completing tasks. So the service won’t suggest to reschedule due tasks to today if it’s already late.

29.06.16. Todoist adds new collaboration features. Task management service Todoist is going to completely overhaul its collaboration features so that Todoist Business version becomes a full-fledged task management service for enterprise users. From now all team members can see an activity log so that you can see your newly assigned tasks, new comments and more. It’s a bit more powerful than that as you can filter by dates, person, project and action. Think about it as a sort of feed for everything that’s happening across all your projects. Besides, you can now attach notes to a specific project. This could be useful if you want to write notes that are relevant across the entire projects as task comments will inevitably disappear once a task is marked as completed. And finally, the quick add feature is getting a revised user interface. This change will benefit all Todoist users and not just team members.

17.09.15. Todoist redesigned its web app. Popular task management service Todoist has revamped its web app to make it a bit more modern with more whitespace and a flat design. The tick boxes are now round, and there are some subtle animations when you hover over icons. It looks more like the company’s iOS and Android apps, which is not a bad thing. Todoist also added natural language processing. Previously only available on mobile, this feature lets you add tasks with due dates in a single sentence. For example, you could write “Take out the trash every Sunday,” and Todoist will create a recurring task called “Take out the trash.” While natural language processing is particularly useful on mobile, bringing feature parity avoids confusion when you try to do something on the web and it’s only available on mobile. It is worth noting that this feature works in 14 different languages.

23.06.15. Task manager Todoist launches new Android app. Popular task manager Todoist just received a major Android update with a completely overhauled user interface and very efficient new features. The app switched to Material design in order to make a more polished interface that fits in better in Google’s operating system. It also added natural language processing as well as intruitive gestures in order to manage your tasks. You can quickly add task with a due date in your current todo list as Todoist now parses natural date input. For instance, you could type “Buy milk tomorrow” or “Go for a run every Friday” and the app will automatically understand that it should create a task (“Buy milk” or “Go for a run”) with a single or recurring due date. Much like in Mailbox and its plethora of followers, you can swipe to the right to complete a task, and swipe to the left to reschedule it. Other things have been streamlined, such as adding collaborators, creating subtasks and more.

18.12.14. ToDoist arrives on Android Wear smartwatches. ToDoist is shrinking down its popular to-do app to fit on a smaller screen on Android Wear watches. ToDoist for Android Wear support is now included in the free app. Once installed on an Android Wear watch and wirelessly sync with a phone or tablet, ToDoist can be used to create tasks through voice commands by saying  “OK Google, start Todoist. Add task.” These tasks will sync over to your connected Android phone and be added to your task list. Since ToDoist also synchs data through the cloud, any tasks added from the watch will be available through ToDoist on the web, other Android devices, Apple iOS, Microsoft Windows, Mac, Chrome and other supported platforms. ToDoist also includes location-based notifications for tasks. Your watch might vibrate, for example, if you have a task to pick up milk and you’re nearing the supermarket.

20.10.14. ToDoist Karma will motivate you to achieve your goals. Todoist Karma is your personal KPI that tracks your task management progress and visually displays it in colorful, easy to read graphs based on daily and weekly trends. From now it's available for iOS and Android  devices, as well as Todoist’s other platforms like Gmail, Windows, or Google Chrome. Now, you can set goals regarding the number of tasks you want to complete either daily or weekly– reaching your goals will significantly increase your Karma. Todoist will track how many days/weeks you’ve attained your goals, and achieving ongoing “streaks” will result in substantial positive Karma. Besides Todoist Karma added support for Facebook, Twitter and Google+ so that you can show off your Karma whenever, and wherever you feel most motivated.

05.06.14. ToDoist launched enterprise version. Popular task-management service ToDoist releases the Enterprise version of its product - ToDoist For Business. It features the same interface as the regular version but provides some enterprise-tailored features: administrator account who can add or remove employees as well as manage payments and invoices; access to a contact list and a team inbox for all users; task management tools with multiple reminders; support for file sharing integrated with Dropbox and Google Drive; and real-time synchronization across 13 platforms, including ToDoist’s Android and iOS apps, as well as its plug-ins for Outlook and Gmail. ToDoist for Business, which costs $3 per user per month, will compete with a host of other enterprise task management software, including Producteev, Asana, Flow, Trello, and Evernote.

11.03.14. Todoist - one of the best task managers #rightnow. Task management and collaboration services appeared long long time ago. And it would seem, that those services that appeared first could polish their design and functionality during many years and monopolize the market. After all task management is quite simple process? But in fact we see that almost every year, new task managers rise to the top of success. Probably, after attracting millions of users, such services begin to grow functionality (under users pressure) and loosing original beauty and simplicity. And here come the new simple and beautiful services that attract users. At this point, perhaps the most fashionable and popular task-manager is Todoist. For the last couple of years it had a great success as a personal organizer and recently added the ability to collaborate on tasks.

2013. Salesforce turns into platform. Launches paid version. Of course, for Salesforce it was not very interesting to provide the free task and project management tool That's why first it added CRM functionality to it, then launched the paid version (with CRM and access rights management) and now - wants to turn into the center of enterprise IT infrastructure. They say that in any company employees are solving tasks all time and the whole IT infrastructure should be task-centered (and therefore centered). For this matter Salesforce has created an ecosystem called Do More, which features third-party services integrated with (in particular, it includes Dropbox, Google Drive, form editor WuFoo, time tracker Harvest, Salesforce' helpdesk-service etc.). So now you can, for example, attach to task files from Dropbox, or track the task duration using Harvest.

2012. Salesforce adds social CRM features to - is a simple (and free) service for managing tasks and projects that Salesforce has created on the basis of the purchased Manymoon last year. And because all Salesforce applications should become more social and customer-oriented, the first update of is following this direction. Actually it's quite reasonable because almost all tasks that arise in any company or related either to projects, or to customers. Projects are already present in Now it add the Contacts module. You can pull contacts from your account on Facebook or Google+ (or simply import contacts from CSV file). Contacts can be sorted using tags and linked with tasks.

2011. vs Asana - which task-manager is more free and more usable?. This fall two task-management services, that want to smash Outlook as an enterprise task management standard, have appeared. These are Salesforce's and Asana. Both services are so similar that many observers remembered the story Chatter vs Yammer, when Salesforce launched the free clone of the promissing start-up. But why  have all noticed this Asana, while there are many others online task-managing tools? First of all, this service was created by Facebook co-founder and architect - Dustin Moskovitz and Justin Rosenstein. Secondly, Asana is so simple and beautiful and works so fast, that it can impress even experienced users who have seen a lot of web-based applications. And third - Asana is free for teams up to 30 users. Telling about its features doesn't make sense - it is easier to try. tasks
2011. Salesforce created task and project management service Remember, earlier this year Salesforce acquired the best project management service for Google Apps - Manymoon? Today the result of this acquisition has appeared - task and project management app The app is very simple and straightforward: you can create projects, invite co-workers or customers, create tasks (to-dos), assign owners. To each project you can attach files and add comments. Tasks can be created via email, comments can be added via email and you receive notification to your email. iOS mobile application is already available, Android app is coming soon. Meanwhile the registration is by invitation only, but when opens later in November - it will be free. Paid (additional) features may appear in the next year. And the main question is: why Salesforce needs such a tool?