Cargo Collective vs Wix

Cargo Collective
Cargo is a personal publishing platform aimed at creating accessible tools and a networked context to enhance the exposure of talented individuals on the Internet. To achieve this, we offer our members free-standing websites; a wide variety of customizable design templates; simple but sophisticated tools to control the way content is displayed, and a unique user interface built entirely around the work itsel.
Create a free website with Customize with Wix' free website builder, no coding skills needed. Choose a design, begin customizing and be online today! 100s of fully customizable HTML5 templates available in every category. We make it fun to create your own site - it’s hassle-free, and you don’t need any coding skills. Wix free open-source alternatives are Wordpress, Drupal.
Comparing Cargo Collective vs Wix is like comparing apples to oranges. Because your business is unique and nobody except you can decide, which is better for your company. But we can add some fun to your research and suggest some new comparison parameters.

Ok, now let's compare the UI. Looks like Cargo Collective has more user-friendly interface than Wix because it's bigger. At least on our screenshots

To compare the popularity of the solutions we counted how many alternatives people search for each of them on the Internet. And it turns out that Wix is more popular than Cargo Collective

Now let's look at the recent activities of our competitors:

- Website builder Wix acquired art community DeviantArt (in 2017)
- Wix acquired mobile CRM service Flok (in 2017)
- Wix unveiled AI-powered site building tool (in 2016)
- Website builder Wix acquired social marketing tool Moment.Me (in 2015)

Looks like Wix was recently more active than Cargo Collective (at least in our news). We also found some news, in which Cargo Collective and Wix meet head to head:

2016 - Wix unveiled AI-powered site building tool to stand out over Cargo Collective

Wix is hoping to make it even easier for anyone to create beautiful, responsive websites with its new Advanced Design Intelligence (ADI) service. ADI works by asking users a few simple questions, which it uses to return a website Wix thinks will feel more custom. Gathering data from its decade in existence, Wix thinks it has figured out AI for Website design. Once ADI is done, a ready-to-use Website is offered to users. If they’re not impressed, they can revisit ADI and change the style or features they listed. Should you want to dig into the design and customize it yourself, that’s also possible; it’s Wix, after all.